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Green wall in a modern apartment near Krakow

Dobrawa Bies
04 of November '20

A modern, fully automated apartment near Krakow is a project by the Projektyw studio. In addition to, among other things, touch control of lights and opening doors via an app, the architects introduced a wall of living greenery.

Ściana żywej zieleni
i fragment kuchni Niebieskie krzesła jako
akcent kolorystyczny

The wall of vivid green and the blue tones of the furniture are a strong color accent

© Projektyw

full automation

The main design guideline set by the architects was functionality and maximum automation. The designers received from the owners of the apartment a full list of, among other things, electronic equipment that plays an important role in their lives. The investors asked for remote control of the underfloor heating, opening the front door via an app on the phone, and automatic control of the curtains. It was quite a challenge to make an electrical installation that would combine all these requirements.

Ciemna mozaika
w łazience We wnętrzu dominuje biel

The apartment design is based on color contrasts

© Projektyw

color and light contrasts

The apartment is maintained in a modern style with floral motifs used in all rooms. In addition, the owners wanted to introduce tactile light control, separating specific zones and creating the right moodin the rooms. The architects also selected special lamps to illuminate an unusual wall of living greenery.

As the authors say:

Initially the color scheme was monochromatic, white, black and gray with a strong accent of a green wall. Shades of blue are an addition from the investors. The whole apartment is based on contrasts. Dark elements, such as the mosaic, change their character under the influence of different lighting and its power.

wall of vivid green

ściana zieleni Żywa zieleń
i biblioteczka

The wall of vegetation has a special irrigation and drainage system of its own

© Projektyw

The apartment is another project in which the Projektyw studio used living greenery. The wall with veget ation has a special irrigation and drainage system of its own. It was necessary to design new electrical and plumbing connections. The architects also used large planes of mirrors, which, combined with the asymmetrical finish of the floor, create an interesting optical treatment.

Dobrawa Bies

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