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Outdoor lamps made of synthetic wicker: why are they ideal for HoReCa on terraces and in gardens?

03 of May '23

The HoReCa industry is increasingly relying on the design of outdoor spaces such as terraces, patios and gardens to attract customers and provide them with a unique visual and culinary-cultural experience.

Lampa Nans Balis Bover

Nans Balis Bover lamp


Lighting plays a key role in the design of these spaces, helping to create a pleasant atmosphere and make the space stand out from the competition. During our talks at the Euroluce trade fair in Milan, we noticed that the Bover brand, which offers high-quality boho-style lamps, is increasingly popular among architects and designers involved in the design of outdoor spaces. Why is this so?

Lampa Garota Bover

Garota Bover lamp


As we have seen for ourselves, Bover lamps are top-quality products that are made of durable materials and are resistant to weather conditions such as rain and wind, which is very important for outdoor spaces. Outdoor lighting made of synthetic wicker is one of the stronger trends in the lighting industry. The lamps are becoming increasingly popular among owners of food and beverage establishments such as restaurants, cafes and bars, but also have a following among individual consumers.

Lampy Nans stojące Bover

Nans standing lamps Bover


This is due to their high durability and resistance to weather conditions. Synthetic wicker lamps are also easy to clean, so they require minimal maintenance. When arranging outdoor spaces in the HoReCa industry, where hygiene and cleanliness are important, synthetic wicker lamps are an ideal solution because they can be cleaned easily and quickly.

Lampa Nans na plaży Bover

Nans lamp on Bover beach


Synthetic wicker is an innovative material produced from synthetic fibers that mimic natural wicker. Synthetic wicker products can be recycled if desired. Lampshades made of synthetic wicker look very natural, while being much more durable and weatherproof. Compared to natural wicker, synthetic wicker is easier to clean, does not lose color and does not deform. It is worth noting that lamps made of synthetic wicker are characterized by a stylish and modern design, which perfectly fits into the timeless trends of space design. As a result, they are the perfect complement to any outdoor space, adding to its unique atmosphere and ambience.

Lampy Nans Balis Bover

Nans Balis Bover lamps


Bover offers different types of lighting, such as pendant, table and floor lamps, allowing designers to choose the right lamp for the type of outdoor space. They have a number of best-selling lamp collections that are dedicated specifically to outdoor spaces, such as the Amphora, Garota, Fora and Nans collections. Another interesting option are tables with a luminescent function, in which the light spreads gently over the surface of the table and under the table top, penetrating the table structure created from synthetic wicker or sailor's rope.

Stolik z lampą Nans Bover

Nans Bover lamp table


Tables with Nit lighting are a perfect solution for restaurant gardens or even for beach or lake areas. Bover lamps with their design have won the hearts of a wide range of hotel and restaurant companies around the world. We encourage you to contact the store to receive a personalized offer for Bover lighting.

Lampy Nans S55 Bover

Nans S55 Bover lamps


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