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Living Close to Nature. A Simple Home for N+S

09 of December '20
Technical data
Name: House for N+S
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Puszczykowo near Poznań
Studio: boaa
Architects: Michal Bekas
Collaboration: Jan Ankiersztajn
Usable area: 186 m²


  • implementation


House for N+S in Puszczykowo by Michal Bekas of boaa in cooperation with Jan Ankiersztajn is an attempt to create a simple and timeless house for a modern young family who wants to live closer to nature and closer to themselves.

Home for N+S is a simple single-family house created for a young couple and their two young children who wanted to live closer to nature. The location in Puszczykowo, a small town near Poznan, made this possible. The plot of land with southern sun exposure on which the house was built is unique - there is a meadow full of flowers and insects, and in close proximity to the Wielkopolska National Park.

Drewniana elewacja
domu dla N+S

The house was reduced to a cubic form covered with an asymmetrical gabled roof

Photo: © boaa, Jan Ankiersztajn

natural beauty

The main goal of the architects was to create such a building that would preserve the natural beauty of the plot and interfere as little as possible with the existing ecosystem. Therefore, the designers decided to place the house as close as possible to the northern and western borders of the plot, right next to the access road. In this way, the zone of entry and paved areas is small, so that in the southern part of the site a natural meadow is preserved.

Plan działki

The house is placed close to the northern and western borders of the plot

© boaa, Jan Ankiersztajn

simple form

The external body of the building is deliberately simplified and has been reduced to a cubic form covered by an asymmetrical gabled roof. The layout of the roof and the angle of inclination of its southern slope of 30 degrees. This deliberate procedure guarantees good orientation of the photovoltaic panels in relation to the sun. The roof is covered with light-colored standing seam metal sheets in a natural color. The facade is an untreated spruce wood plank. The materials were chosen to be low-maintenance and to patina naturally over time, turning an increasingly gray hue.

Skośny dach pokryty
blachą Drewniana elewacja
i duże przeszklenia

The roof is covered with bright sheet metal, and the facade with spruce wood planks

Photo: © boaa, Jan Ankiersztajn

In the two extreme corners of the building, the architects cut openings. One of them, being in the northwestern part, serves a public function - there is a covered entrance connected with an open garage for two cars. The southeastern part hides the private part - a large sunny terrace that is an extension of the living room and kitchen-dining room. The terrace is partially hidden under the roof, providing shade on hot days and cover when it rains. On the other hand, on the first floor, a balcony with direct access from the parents' bedroom was placed above the living room. It offers a view of a flowery meadow and a nearby forest.

Parter Domu dla N+S

The central and main element of the house is the kitchen

© boaa, Jan Ankiersztajn

kitchen in the center

In accordance with the investors' wishes, the central and main element of the house is the kitchen. It is connected to the entrance hall, the living room, the dining room with a fireplace, and the entrance to the first floor. Behind the kitchen is a pantry and a technical room - an enclosed part of the garage. The first floor includes laundry rooms, two children's bedrooms - each with a mezzanine, a large parents' bedroom with a dressing room and balcony, a bathroom and a storage room behind the stairs.

widok na dom od strony

The sunny terrace is partially obscured by the roof

Photo: © boaa, Jan Ankiersztajn

pro-ecological design

The functional layout of the house has been subordinated to pro-ecological principles. All technical and storage functions are placed in the northern side of the building being virtually windowless. Rooms such as the guest room, living room, kitchen with dining room and all bedrooms have full southern orientation with huge glazing. This layout gives great energy gains in winter without generating heat loss in the northern part.

Aksonometria Domu dla

Huge glazings in the southern part of the building

Photo: © boaa, Jan Ankiersztajn

In order not to overheat the interiors in summer, all windows were equipped with facade blinds. In this way, on the public road side the building has a full façade, while it opens fully to the sunny east-south private part. The building is equipped with mechanical ventilation with recuperation and increased thermal performance of the partitions, windows and doors.

The house for N+S is taking part in the competition for the Architectural Award of the Wielkopolska Region (NAWW), where it could win the title of the most beautiful building in the province.

elaboration: Dobrawa Bies

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