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Long house of REFORM Architect studio project

12 of June '20

Marcin Tomaszewski's designs are characterized by simple forms that resonate fully when there are no dense buildings around them. Many of them are built in close contact with nature, and thanks to large window glazing, the interiors of the buildings correspond with the outside. In addition to creating an original block, the architect often faces various challenges such as a narrow plot of land.

We recently wrote about the fact that RE: STARK HOUSE by project {tag:pracownie} will be built near Lodz in a picturesque forest landscape. RE: STARK HOUSE. Another realization of the REFORM Architekt studio. Houses designed by Marcin Tomaszewski find themselves well in similar natural surroundings. In a short interview, the architect talks about RE: LONG HOUSE.

Basia Hyjek: What was the main inspiration for this project?
Marcin Tomaszewski: I was inspired by the very challenge that was set before me - to design a house on a 22 meter wide plot of land.

Basia: What was the main concept?
Marcin Tomaszewski: The design of a narrow, long block that would blend in with the surrounding trees.

Nowoczesny dom na wąskiej działce. REFORM Architekt

I had to integrate the design of the block into the so-called maze of surrounding trees

© REFORM Architect

Basia: What did the investor particularly care about?
Marcin Tomaszewski: I had to integrate the design of the block into the so-called maze of surrounding trees. Because of this, the building also has a slightly irregular form in some places, but I was very concerned that the trees remain intact.

Basia: What materials were used?
Marcin Tomaszewski: The materials used in the project are stone and white plaster.

Basia: What in the design process gave you the most pleasure and what was the difficulty?
Marcin Tomaszewski: The difficulty was blending in with the solid design in the space left for development. Pleasure - cooperation with the client, the project itself, which required a thoughtful concept and creative solutions.

interviewed: Basia Hyjek

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