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Uncertain future of Fort 31 "St. Benedict" in Krakow

12 of June '20

Fort 31 "St. Benedict" is one of the three masonry defensive structures of the former Krakow Fortress in the Podgórze district and the last tower fort in Poland. It was built in 1853-1861, and takes its name from the nearby St. Benedict's Church. The authorship is attributed to architect Felix Księżąrski. The fort was adapted into apartments after the end of World War I.

The fort stood abandoned, and there were many ideas for its use. Eventually a private investor leased the building. Among his plans was to create glamping - a luxurious form of camping in yurts - around the fort. The fort was to be a new cultural center on the map of Krakow open to students and artists. However, the contract with the city was terminated due to the investor's failure to meet deadlines. Another tender for the use of Fort 31 "St. Benedict" is expected to be announced soon.

However, the investor does not want to abandon his original plans. He has submittedan application to buy the fort to the Cracow City Hall. For this to be possible, the Małopolska conservationist Monika Bogdanowska would have to give her consent, as well as councilors. In addition, an appraiser would have to estimate the value of the building, and then a new tender would have to be announced for the purchase of the monument, in which anyone could participate.

The roof was repaired in the 1990s, and water and sewage systems were connected. The fort needs further repairs and investment. It is a unique monument not only for Krakow, but also on a European scale. But is the takeover of the facility by a private investor the best possible future for it?

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The vote has already been cast