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Building materials, which ones to opt for?

31 of July '22

Theconstruction of a house or the renovation of an apartment is the culmination of long work by an architect. Projects for houses and apartments most often assume in what technology they should be made. Therefore, at the very beginning of the investment it is extremely important to choose the right building materials that meet our expectations, so that during later operation the selected solutions will perfectly harmonize with each other. It is worth remembering the appropriately selected technology, insulation and finishing materials.

Appropriate technology

When choosing a specific design for a building or apartment, we must also decide on the technology that suits us. The construction market abounds in a wide range of solutions. We can choose between building with bricks, ceramic blocks, lime blocks, concrete blocks and expanded clay blocks. If we focus on speed, we can create a house based on timber frame or steel frame construction. Site-assembled modules and prefabricated units are also an option.

Finishing materials

If we already have a structure it is necessary to focus on the appropriate finishing materials. Choosing the perfect facade material will give the house structure a unique character, whether it is sheet metal, steel, glass or, for example, quartz sinter.

Thermal insulation

Properly performed thermal insulation and waterproofing of individual elements of the house, such as the foundation, exterior walls and roof, effectively protect the house from moisture and impede the escape of heat from inside the building. In such solutions, the still popular mineral wool and polystyrene products perform very well. Insulation made of extruded polystyreneis also an interesting insulation solution. When choosing insulation materials, it is worth paying attention to those that have adequate sound insulation.

And what about the roof?

Increasingly popular in modern architecture are flat roofs. This type of construction provides a large usable area for the interiors of the floors covered with it, and the roof area itself can be transformed into green roofs. In the case of flat roofs, proper drainage and waterproofing are very important. A good solution for rainwater are retention roofs, which not only regulate the level of water flowing into the sewage system, but also look good.Do not forget about safety, in its maintenance will help appropriate smoke and light systems and special chimney systems.

On the other hand, if you like more traditional solutions, it's worth looking at roofing made of small-format tiles or made of steel with extraordinary durability.

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