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There were to be houses, there will be a block of flats in Zoliborz

27 of May '21

This is the second approach to building a block of flats among single-family housing in Zoliborz. The investor wants to take advantage of the lex developer law for this. The new design of the building was prepared by Artur Choldzynski, the previous concept went to the trash.

A block of flats in place of houses

Wizualizacja 2019 Wizualizacja 2019

The rejected concept of the 2019 investment

Photo: UM Warszawa

The block wants to build a Greenfields company on a plot of land located in Warsaw's Żoliborz between Gdańska, Bieniewicka, Księdza Zygmunta Trószyńskiego and Kolektorska streets. It assumes the construction of a four-story multi-family building with 38 apartments and four single-family houses. This is a significant change from the project from two years ago. The previous concept prepared by Grzegorz Gołębowski envisioned a six-story block with a hundred apartments. However, both variants are incompatible with the local zoning plan. Planners envisioned a continuation of single-family housing, characteristic of the Cascade Park neighborhood, at the site. The first concept was unanimously rejected by the City Council. It was also the first speculative development application in the capital.

modernistic packaging

The current submitted concept, awaiting a decision by city councilors, goes in a completely different direction. Not only has the intensity of the development been reduced, but the aesthetics of the project have also been significantly modified. Instead of a block of flats maintained in typical developer aesthetics and standards, the visualizations show a more subdued block alluding to the restrained architecture of the 1930s, of which there is no shortage in the neighborhood.


Photo: UM Warszawa

The project has been broken down into several buildings. The multi-family building located on Gdańska Street continues the frontage, function and scale of the neighboring multi-family buildings located to the south and east of the project site. The multi-family building deep within the plot refers in scale to the neighboring single-family buildings located at the western border, on Z. Trószyńskiego Street.


Photo: UM Warszawa

A treatment to hide the scale of the new development and the contrast with the surrounding houses are the faults dividing the long elevation into shorter sections. The architects intend this to give the building proportions of the surrounding buildings. The finishing materials - gray brick and white plaster - are also intended to be a reference to it.

urban planning standards

The special law sets general urban planning standards for all municipalities. However, the law gives the municipal council the option to adopt local standards, which can be narrowed or expanded by 50%. In Warsaw, the indicators have been amended to better safeguard the interests of residents. The urban planning standards were adopted by the Warsaw City Council on August 30, 2018. They are primarily intended to ensure comfortable distances from schools and kindergartens, public transportation stops or sports and recreation venues. They also specify the number of parking spaces to limit the consequences of possible illegal parking around newly built developments.

Kacper Kępiński

The vote has already been cast