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#YoungPolisharchitects - Iwo Borkowicz on starting out in the profession

09 of September '22

The text is from 07-8/22 A&B.

In our #Mlodzipolscyarchitekci series, we ask questions to young architects about the problems and conditions facing young people after graduation.

Permits - why are young architects reluctant to get them?

They want to. Many of my peers have authorizations, and those who don't yet have them are planning to get them. For me personally, the problem is the notorious lack of time due to the above-average labor intensity forced by the realities of our industry.

Conditions for practicing the profession for the young

We don't earn a lot, we work a lot. Confronting our rates with the purchase prices of materials and services that follow our design decisions, we compare very poorly with them.

An easier start in the profession, that is?

I can't give a short answer to this question.

Dom jednorodzinny | Ińsko

single-family house - Insko

design: Borkowicz

Iwo Borkowicz


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