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Review of 5 places where every "autumn woman" will relax

09 of September '22

We are slowly approaching the autumn season, when most of us only dream of jumping under a blanket with warm tea and a good book. Being an "autumnista" has gone from being an online buzzword to a seasonal lifestyle. That's why today we're presenting five homes from the #ArchitectureEntertainment series on our site that are also as suitable as possible for autumn trips incorporating everything every "autumn woman" needs!

mazurian third season

Starting the review, let's move for a moment to Masuria, where in the picturesque village of Lisewo on Lake Rajgrodzkie Radoslaw Maciorowski has created a unique crowd. A restored brick house with a cozy interior combined with the surrounding forests and fields will allow us to find everything we need in autumn.

Mazur Kres

mazur Kres

photo by Radoslaw Maciorowski

autumn at the water mill

The quiet sound of a wheel being turned by water can be as relaxing as a walk among a leafy forest in autumn. Not far from Olsztyn, in the direction of Pruda, you will find a unique facility created by Bożena and Andrzej Szymanowski. On the basis of an old and abandoned mill, something unique has been created - perfectly combining with the need to disconnect from reality and drink warm tea under a blanket looking through the large windows at the surrounding nature.

Młyn Patryki

Patryki mill

photo: owners archive

Here Domek - Here Autumn

Any self-respecting "autumn person" knows that the canvass of a good rest is peace and quiet, as well as the quiet charm of history. Tu Domek was built in an old house from 1922, combining simultaneous traditions with modernity. The interiors here are just as interesting as what you'll find outside.

Tu Domek

Tu Domek

photo by Kamila Leszczyniak

Hyttee from Poland

The Danish philosophy of Hygge and Norwegian Hyttee cottages combine unquestionably in the unique place that is Klodzko Valley. Marlena and Marek decided to create their own hyttee and in Poland, in the Bardzkie Mountains. Here you will find a blazing fireplace and walls of wood. Is anything more needed in the world of "autumnar"?

Hyttee w Dolinie Kłodzkiej

hyttee in Klodzka Valley

© BOHOTO Monika Luniak

MYdomek in Kazimierz Dolny on the Vistula River

Getting far away from reality for a while during the autumn period can involve not only quiet corners next to forests and lakes, but also small charming towns such as Kazimierz Dolny. A beautiful example is MYdomek the story of its creation, which is told by Jagna Badowska.


MYdomek in Kazimierz Dolny

© Jagna Badowska

collected by Wiktor Bochenek

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