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Modernization of Prague Park begins

02 of April '21

Modernization works are starting in Praga Park. Warsaw's oldest public park will undergo a metamorphosis - alleys and squares will be renovated, fountains and new small architecture will appear. The renovated park will be fully opened to residents in 2022. It is to be accessible to all people, according to differentiated needs in terms of age and fitness level.

Listed as a monument in 1990, Praga Park is a green oasis full of centuries-old and beautiful trees on the Praga bank of the Vistula River in Warsaw. Modernization work carried out by the Warsaw Urban Greenery Board began with a stand inventory, which inaugurated the modernization project, spread over three years. As part of the task, conservation agreements were obtained, and the Palmett studio developed full design documentation. Already in 2020, a playground was retrofitted with a rope park and all benches were replaced. Some of these investments were the result of ideas submitted by residents in the civic budget. The heaviest construction work is scheduled for 2021.

Reconstruction of park alleys

Wizualizacja parku

Photo: Palmett / ZZM Warszawa

Most of the existing park alleys (a total of about 13,000 sqm) will gain a new mineral surface with water-permeable properties. Concrete slabs will appear in the most intensively used areas, i.e. along Solidarności Avenue and in the square by the band shell. The perimeter alley surrounding the entire park will be made of asphalt to accommodate people using skateboards, scooters or rollerblades. The playground and the square with the "Giraffe" will be surrounded by oak wood bands. All stairs and architectural barriers preventing people with limited mobility from using the park will disappear.

square with fountain

The surroundings of the iconic "Giraffe" will be completely changed. The plaza with the sculpture will have a granite floor, which will feature drawings of outdoor games for children. On warm days it will be possible to cool down thanks to misters installed in the ground. Chess tables will be renovated, and the double avenue on the side of Solidarności Avenue will be topped with a small square, where unique urban furniture - special pots with benches - will be installed.

Wizualizacja parku

Photo: Palmett / ZZM Warszawa

a year of difficulties

The schedule of work in Praga Park stipulates that builders will complete their activities in June 2022. However, the Board of Urban Greenery announces that, weather and pandemic situation permitting, most of the work should still be completed in 2021. The park will be accessible to residents throughout this time. Only areas where construction work will take place will be closed.

history of the park

Muszla koncertowa

Photo: Hiuppo / Wikimedia Commons

Prague Park is the oldest public park in the capital. Initially called Alexandrovsky or Alexandrian, it was renamed Praski after 1916. Completed between 1865 and 1871, the landscape design by Jan Dobrowolski was located on sandy river mudflats and wetlands used as meadows and pastures. Today's Praga Park is 30 hectares of greenery between Solidarności Avenue and Łukasińskiego, Jagiellońska and Vistula streets. The Warsaw Zoological Garden was established in the park in the 1920s. Thirty years later, its layout changed according to the design of S. Bolk. After 1951, the park was enlarged by the part between Jagiellońska and Lukasinskiego, and its design was entrusted to Alina Scholtz. In the immediate vicinity of the park, on Solidarności Avenue, there is an enclosure for bears administered by the Zoo. The zoo's authorities have announced that they will not extend the enclosure's operation, due to the welfare of the animals. A new form of operation for this iconic site is being sought with the conservationist.

Kacper Kępiński

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