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The most beautiful facades in Europe

27 of April '20

In the plebiscite for European Façade of the Year in the Baumit Life Challenge 2020, a total of as many as thirty-two buildings from Poland were included in the TOP 10 of all six categories. This is undoubtedly a huge success for Polish architecture on the international stage. What's more, Polish architects also won the distinction of Internet users. Congratulations!

Baumit Life Challenge is a competition that every two years selects the most beautiful facades in Europe made with Baumit technology. Awards are given in six categories: single-family building, multi-family building, non-residential building, building after thermal rehabilitation, historic building after renovation and Stunned by Texture.

More than three hundred projects from twenty-five countries have been submitted for this year's edition. The projects are judged first by Internet users, then by an international jury. In the online voting, which ended on April 15, the objects qualified for the next stage of the Baumit Life Challenge 2020 competition were selected. Poland has something to celebrate - as many as thirty-two of our thirty-five projects that qualified for the Baumit Life Challenge 2020 were ranked in the top ten! In the history of the plebiscite, it has never happened before that among the sixty highest rated projects, more than half came from one country.

Polish realizations dominated the competition in all competition categories - the TOP 10 classification included: 5 single-family houses, 4 multi-family buildings, 6 non-residential buildings, 6 buildings after thermal modernization, 5 historical buildings after renovation and 6 buildings from the Stunned by Texture category, characterized by the use of an interesting, original structure on the facade.

In the single-family building category, the first place - by the vote of Internet users - went to Forest Kuźnica - a house in Kuźnica Kiedrzyńska, in the Częstochowa district, inspired by the surrounding pine forest, designed by the Verso Deltoid Group.

Dom w Kuźnicy Kiedrzyńskiej, proj.: Grupa Verso Deltoid; 1. miejsce w głosowaniu internautów w kategorii budynków jednorodzinnych

House in Kuźnica Kiedrzyńska, proj.: Verso Deltoid Group; 1st place in Internet voting in the single-family building category

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The final TOP 10 classification of the plebiscite in all six categories can be found here.

So there is only one decision ahead of us in the Baumit Life Challenge 2020 - the decision of the jury, which in the first stage selected thirty-six finalists - six projects in each of the six categories. Among the nominees are four projects from Poland: a house in Konopiski (a single-family new building), Kindergarten No. 43 in Zabrze (a building after thermal modernization), the Regional Museum in Kozienice (historical renovation) and the #dobrego 3 housing development in Cracow (Stunned by Texture).

The winner of each category will receive the title of European Facade of the Year and a financial bonus of EUR 3,300. For the main winner of the Life Challenge (the best of the best facades), in addition to the prestigious title, the organizer has provided an additional prize of EUR 6,600. Its amount, although it may seem unusual, is not accidental - it refers to the fact that as much as 66 percent of each facade can be created using only Baumit products.

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