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Robert Konieczny will begin his lecture in a moment....

27 of April '20

On April 29, Wednesday at 6 pm, straight from the Ark, Robert Konieczny will be broadcasting. This is a preview meeting announcing the monograph KWK Promes by Philip Jodidio published by Images Publishing.

If you are familiar with KWK Promes' realizations, but want to learn what comes of what and why there would be no Safe House without an Aatrial, then make time this Wednesday at 6 pm; sit comfortably in an armchair, grab your favorite mug of coffee or tea (or maybe something else) and listen to the lecture with us.

In a light-hearted, casual and engaging way, you'll learn what conceptualism is in architecture and the design paths followed by the various projects of this prominent Polish office.

(Aaa, and I wonder if there will be a joke about the mother-in-law? :)

The lecture is organized by Interfaces Group, the meeting is co-organized by A&B.


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