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What does the Bauhaus myth look like 100 years later? Online discussion

19 of May '20

This Thursday we invite you to an online discussion accompanying the exhibition titled. "The Whole World is Bauhaus." Together with Drs. Ryszard Nakonieczny, Dr. Agata Szydlowska and Anna Cymer, we will be discussing the question of Bauhaus one hundred years later and whether its ideas are still continuing.

The Bauhaus existed for only fourteen years, but was recognized as the most innovative and influential educational institution in architecture, art and design in the 20th century. Craftsmen and artists worked together to develop and implement innovative ideas for the benefit of society and the new man. The creations, designs and works became a permanent part of the repertoire of classical modernism, functionalism combined with aesthetic qualities became a timeless canon.

online discussion

Invited by the Goethe Institut, guests Dr. Ryszard Nakonieczny, Dr. Agata Szydłowska and Anna Cymer will reflect on:

  • What media, what representational forms and what contentcurrently continue the ideas of the Bauhaus?
  • Can the Bauhaus still inspire the tasks and challenges of design in the 21st century?


  • date: May 21 this year at 6 pm
  • place: online event

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