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A new approach to sustainable mobility, or Citython Lublin

21 of September '20

The Citython Lublin is being launched today, with the theme of finding solutions for sustainable urban mobility and better accessibility for the elderly and disabled. The event is initiated by EIT Urban Mob ility, a European initiative that brings together cities, universities, research centers and industry to work together on mobility innovations, making cities more liveable.

The event is initiated by EIT Urban Mobility, and organized by Barcelona-based automotive science and technology center CARNET and the City of Lublin. The Lublin 2020 Citython, which begins today, will last until October first of this year and is intended for anyone with experience in urban mobility planning.

friendly urban space

During the opening session, urban planning and mobility experts will pose three challenges to participants:

  • getting car traffic out of the city center, taking into account the needs of the elderly, people with disabilities, as well as people with mobility limitations, parents with children and local entrepreneurs,
  • accessibility of urban space, public transportation and mobile services with special attention to the needs of the disabled and elderly,
  • optimization of bus routes through citizen involvement.

Participants will have until October 1 this year to develop their own solutions, when they will present their final ideas to a jury. During the hackathon - on September 25 and 28 - all groups will have the opportunity to participate in individual online mentoring sessions. One prize of €1,500 will be awarded in each of the three challenges, and the winning teams will have the opportunity to present their solutions at the Smart City Expo 2020 Congress, to be held in November in Barcelona.

hackathon calendar

  • accepting applications until: September 23 this year.
  • duration of thecompetition (hacking days): September 24 to October 1 this year.

The full schedule and registration is available here.

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