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With the environment and people in mind. New headquarters of PZU in Warsaw

03 of January '23

Last September, the PZU Group completed its move to its new headquarters in Warsaw. The 140-meter-high PZU Park office building, built by Skanska, is located at Daszyńskiego Roundabout, which can be reached from any point in the capital by public transportation or bicycle.

The new office building, which is part of Generation Park, has received certifications (LEED Core&Shell at the Platinum level, WELL Gold, WELL Health-Safety Rating) and numerous awards for the greenest office building in Warsaw. All of this fits in with PZU's values of pursuing an ESG strategy. And how? In designing the new headquarters and its interiors, PZU began by listening to the needs of its employees.

Nowa siedziba centrali PZU w Warszawie

New headquarters of PZU in Warsaw


The new PZU Group headquarters is first and foremost an investment in employees. We are pleased that the building meets the highest standards when it comes to working conditions, comfort and safety. A friendly environment that supports the well-being of employees, green solutions and the fact that the facility will be fully accessible to people with disabilities are extremely important to us. In this way, we want to set a good example and promote ESG solutions among our contractors, customers, social partners and employees. This is also an important part of the implementation of the target hybrid work model, along with a package of appropriate tools and programs to improve the quality of life of employees," says Dorota Macieja, a member of the board of directors of PZU Życie, responsible for the real estate area at PZU and also supervising the Office of Sustainability.

A huge cue was also provided by the last two years and the new reality that hybrid work, which PZU has also bet on, has become an increasingly common work model. Together with the ambassadors of this new model, the company designed optimal and diverse interiors tailored to the various needs of users and their way of working, and offered them numerous well-being programs.

There is something for everyone here - spaces for group work, soundproofed rooms for quiet work or business meetings and video conferences, places for training, collaboration, as well as leisure - active and relaxing. Most importantly, in order to make even better use of the space, a desksharing system was introduced with adapted infrastructure. This procedure made it possible to concentrate more processes and offices - more than 4,500 employees of Group companies have found a place here," says Mariusz Flisiuk, director of the PZU Real Estate Office.

Nowa siedziba centrali PZU w Warszawie

PZU's new headquarters in Warsaw


The friendly office spaces, decorated in a timeless style, and the innovative solutions and modern green technologies introduced are in line with the trend of sustainable development and make PZU Park the greenest skyscraper in Warsaw. The building consumes significantly fewer resources - thanks to the use of a gray water recovery system and rainwater harvesting, it makes it possible to save 63% of potable water, and the vegetation outside the building does not need to be watered with water from the municipal network. It is worth mentioning that as much as 25% of the finishing materials contain recycled elements.

A distinctive feature of the interior is a wall in the lobby made of 6,000 living, diverse plants. Fifteen meters high with an area of 330 square meters, it produces oxygen to meet the daily needs of 150 people per day. The facility has also been equipped with a ventilation system with high-end filters providing 30% more fresh air than required by national regulations.

Taking care of employees' eyesight, lighting that adjusts to the time of day and the intensity of natural light has been used. The PZU Park skyscraper reduces the company's carbon footprint by 2,500 tons ofCO2 per year, and the solutions used contribute to building a safe and sustainable future.

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