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"There is no future without idealists."

21 of November '19

Two days of inspiring events at Krakow's Open Eyes Economy Summit 2019 are behind us! This year's congress was held under the motto "There is no future without idealists" and was full of lectures, discussions, presentations and even intellectual skirmishes. Conversations initiated on stage continued behind the scenes, as well as at our booth, where you could take a breather with a cup of coffee and browse the latest issues of A&B.

This year, the organizers of the fourth OEES meeting addressed the future and existence of our world - both economically and socially. Polish and foreign guests of the event tried to look for solutions concerning, among other things, overtourism and the balance between the countryside and the city. They imagined the future of (un)work, and the company as an idea and knowledge factory. They also did not overlook culture (in a broad sense), which can become the answer to getting out of the crisis.

During the opening session, an important speech was given by Professor David Throsby, who spoke about the connection between art and culture in modern economics, and began his speech with a beautiful gesture - a piece of Chopin's music. He pointed out that it is important to appreciate the role of culture in society and its sustainable development.

Prof. David Throsby during the opening session

Photo: Dobrawa Bies © A&B

The schedule of the two-day congress was divided into three thematic blocks:

  • "Company-Idea,
  • "City - Idea."
  • "Brand - Culture".

The first day of OEES - shared responsibility

The rich program forced participants into the difficult art of choice - many events were going on simultaneously. Fortunately, the friendly atmosphere encouraged free movement between the halls, which were filled, sometimes even to the brim.

It is worth mentioning the problem of overtourism raised during the first day of OEES. The session was accompanied by the premiere of a documentary film by Michal Materna, dedicated to this issue. The director showed, using Amsterdam as an example, the situation in which a huge number of tourists displaces residents, thus changing the character of the city. This initiated a later discussion entitled. "Overtourism - how to cope with the calamity of abundance?", where Vladimír Beroun, Miroslav Rončák, Anton Taranenko, Dr. Bartlomiej Walas and Dr. Slawomir J. Wroblewski discussed tourism overload, the ability to anticipate and maintain balance, and the fact that Airbnb is not to blame for everything.

"Trilogos o Trójmieście"- host Mateusz Zmyślony with Wojciech Szczurek,
Aleksandra Dulkiewicz and Jacek Karnowski

Photo: Dobrawa Bies © A&B

The conversation continued during an in-depth session titled. "The Tri-City Trialogue," moderated by OEES creative director Mateusz Zmyślony. The mayors of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, in a very casual and humorous manner, discussed, using their cities as examples, ways to manage tourism wisely. An important conclusion that emerged from the discussion was that the development of cities has to respond to what comes from tradition, and a bad trip is a short trip - the longer it is, the more enriching and necessary it is.

Prof. Magdalena Środa and Father Adam Boniecki

photo: OEES materials

At the same time, intellectual skirmishes took place at a place called Battle Point. Contentious issues of ethics, morality, education and politics were discussed. The culminating discussion of Tuesday's skirmishes was a meeting between Father Adam Boniecki and Professor Magdalena Środa on the foundations of morality in public life and the hypocrisy often found in it. The speakers discussed together whether there is a fundamental moral framework for the whole community.

Times in which civility becomes heroism seem suspicious," concluded Prof. Magdalena Środa.

second day of OEES - "we don't have to have it all".

The next day of the congress also delighted with a rich program.
It was worth listening to a speech by Szymon Holownia, who tried to answer the question "Is greed good?" and to find a solution to a situation where something went wrong. Reflections on balance were taken up by Mateusz Zmyślony, inviting his daughter to the stage. Sitting on the swing-equivalents paid attention to anthropocentrism, ecology and climate problems.
The "City - Idea" block focused on the issue of territorial justice in the relationship between the city and the countryside, establishing ties and finding a solution to the depopulation of rural areas.

Considerations of balance - Matthew Zmyślony with his daughter

Photo: Lubomir Nikolov © A&B

The session entitled. "Resident-friendly city, or how to combine conflicting interests" concerned our native backyard. Invited guests (Magdalena Czarzyńska-Jachim, Andrzej Kulig, Carolina Pietryga, Michal Tatjewski and Dr. Ewa Wolniewicz-Warska) discussed mobility, parking spaces and how technology can facilitate communication in cities. They stressed the importance of a participatory approach and cooperation between various institutions and residents. The conclusion? In order to bring about beneficial changes (more greenery, public spaces, no traffic jams), the claimant approach of "the right to parking is a natural right. "the right to parking is a natural right" should disappear from our consciousness.

Hugely popular was the special session entitled. "The biggest scams of the 21st century - are we really aware?", where Dobromir Cias, Prof. Jan Czekaj, Marek Józefiak and Jacek Palasinski (in the role of moderator) discussed the production of fake news, invasive advertising schemes and climate change.

The closing session of the congress featured Prof. Jerzy Bralczyk, speaking about values and their linguistic representations in public persuasion, while also analyzing a speech by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

If we want to be autonomous, we must also be solidary in our relationship with other people," with such words Prof. Jerzy Hausner closed the congress.

Prof. Jerzy Hausner sums up the congress

photo: OEES materials

We hope that this year's OEES opened not only eyes, but also minds and hearts, which will soon result in action and provide us all with a better future and strong relationships based on mutual tolerance.

Congress participants at the A&B booth

Photo: Lubomir Nikolov © A&B

We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth and A&B Partners Akzo Nobel Interpon, Opoczno, Röben, Siniat, Styropmin, Szansa IT Services, Team Plast/Panoramah.


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