As series wiring accessories

16 of February '21

Electrical accessories As series

OSPEL's As series relies on strong shapes. This is an ideal solution for those who appreciate true classics. Both the main elements and complementary frames are based on a square with strongly outlined corners. The angles are sharp, perfectly reflecting the geometric trend in interior design. In the case of elements with additional backlighting, small details become a strong and distinctive accent. This is a collection for the decisive, so also the color options are limited and strongly correspond to the classics. For we can choose from four options - white, écru, silver and satin. Theoretically not much, but in practice they give a wide range of options, and at the same time do not require many hours of analysis, which color better suits the character of a given interior. In this way, we get a styling that is fashionable regardless of the prevailing trends.

This modular collection includes, among others: switches, dimmers, plug sockets, RTV-SAT, antenna, computer and telephone sockets, motion sensor, temperature regulators and many others. In addition, it offers a range of complementary elements to create a customized composition, including adapters, wall boxes and frames (from single to five-fold) or plugs.

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