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PERVIA - water for nature. Water-permeable pavements from CEMEX

04 of October '20

PERVIA concretes are a specialized solution for the construction of durable and water-permeable pavements
, ensuring the percolation of rainwater without discharging it into storm-water drains. They allow water to flow freely into the ground, thanks to their specially designed composition and unique structure of a network of interconnected voids.

Impervious pavements in cities and stormwater drainage systems that discharge rainwater into rivers contribute to inadequate soil hydration. Tight urban development and the reduction of "green" areas means that valuable water resources are irretrievably lost.

In order to reduce the unfavorable phenomena for the environment, CEMEX has created a modern solution dedicated to urban construction. The PERVIA family of water-permeable concretes are cavernous concretes, also known as drainage concretes. This type of product is characterized by high water permeability to the ground, made possible by a system of air voids. The structure of PERVIA pavement is similar to that of loosely poured, water-permeable aggregate, yet as strong as standard concrete.

PERVIA cavity concretes have a positive impact on urban water balance and reduce the challenges of flash floods.


PERVIA is available in two types. PERVIA classic, used as a sub-base, which provides a water-permeable, even̨ and durable base for paving materials such as polyurethane or concrete pavers, and PERVIA path, used as a water-permeable pavement, allowing to significantly reduce areas of rainwater runoff in urban areas and reduce the amount of precipitation going into storm drains. PERVIA path can be used in the construction of alleys, paths, squares, bicycle paths and bicycle parking spaces, as well as recreational zones and active leisure spaces, as well as in the construction of green roofs and for the substructure of terraces.

Benefits of PERVIA concretes:

  • Reducing the adverse effects of heavy rainfall in the city without investing in more
    efficient sewage networks.
  • Relieving pressure on current rainwater channels.
  • Prevention of puddles and stagnant water.
  • Reducing the negative effects of drought and heavy rains by retaining rainwater in the ground.
  • Positive impact on surrounding vegetation due to improved water supply to underground parts.

For more information, visit the company's CEMEX Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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