MultiComplex board

10 of December '19

MultiComplex slab with smooth texture

The slab was created for terrace arrangements, extensive driveways or designer paths. Its application in different types of spaces is possible due to the availability of the product in different dimensions: 20×40cm, 40×40cm and 60×40cm. The product is also offered in three colors, latte, nerino and mocha, which further increases the arrangement possibilities. As a result, the slab will successfully match properties maintained in different styles and characters.
However, Polbruk MultiComplex will work best around houses in modernist and minimalist styles, as well as in representative courtyards, squares and driveways, which we want to give an exclusive dimension. Due to its nature, the slab is most in harmony with objects with a simple, geometric body, on modern properties with regular, perpendicular lines.
In addition, the high thickness of the slab - 6 cm, and its availability in a wide variety of colors and dimensions allows to complement attractive arrangements, both aesthetically and technically, creating solid and heavy-duty pavements. Thanks to its smooth texture, the pavement is easy to keep clean.

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