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Surfaces, gates and small architecture, building surroundings

01 of July '21

Creating the atmosphere of the space around the house: proposals from Polbruk.
From the series "Outdoor spaces - solutions, trends, arrangements 2021".

The arrangement of outdoor spaces is as important as the arrangement of interiors. In fact, it is on it that the burden of the so-called first impression rests. It is assumed that we have 11 sec to make a good impression on the interlocutor. A similar, or even shorter, time is enough to cover the building's surroundings with a glance and make a quick assessment. The outdoor space consists of the surfaces of driveways, alleys and terraces, fences and small architecture. Modern fencing, stylish staircases or plant compositions in pots create an individual atmosphere and allow to create a unique atmosphere of the place.

Designer fence - an impression already at the entrance!

The fence should stylistically tie together the front of the building with its immediate surroundings. The Murro fence fits perfectly into modern arrangements. It is characterized by an interesting, minimalist design and timeless, classic elegance. Murro blocks have a smooth texture and are available in several shades of universal gray, which perfectly match especially with the modern style. The palette of available colors also includes a warm latte tone, especially recommended for Mediterranean arrangements. Murro elements can be used as fence posts or build a solid wall out of them.

Murro fence

© Polbruk

Fashionable large format and openwork on the driveway

If the property is to make a good impression on visitors from the "threshold", it is also necessary to think about the choice of the surface of the driveway and alleys leading to the entrance. A popular trend is to combine different solutions, for example, small pavers, large-format slabs, as well as openwork, ecological prefabricated elements. When choosing slabs for a driveway, their thickness is extremely important. For vehicles up to 3.5 tons, slabs with a thickness of at least 6 cm are suitable, while for vehicles above 3.5 tons - slabs with a thickness of min. 8 cm. The properties of each product and the recommendation for its use are worth checking before purchase in the documents prepared by the manufacturer, in the so-called Declaration of Performance.

A very popular solution currently chosen for driveways are large-format slabs. It is worth noting here the Polbruk Magna slab, which impresses with its unusual format, unique texture and looks very impressive on pavements at modern properties. It has dimensions of 100×75 cm and 50×75 cm, thickness of 8 and 10 cm, smooth texture and is available in several shades of gray: steel, basalt, nerino and warm latte color.

Magna slabs

© Polbruk

The minimalist Triada paving is also dedicated to driveways. It is characterized by an economical design, geometric shape and smooth texture. It is available in five shades of gray (nerino, onyx, steel, gray and graphite), three sizes (20×30 cm, 20×40 cm and 20×50 cm) and a thickness of 8 cm. The rich selection of options makes it possible to compose interesting geometric patterns on the pavement. However, the driveway doesn't have to be built with solid slabs only, they can be effectively combined with openwork slabs.

Triada paving blocks

© Polbruk

An interesting solution recommended for representative locations is the Polbruk Extrano slab. It is characterized by an original, modern and unconventional design. It has a square shape of 50×50 cm and a thickness of 7 cm. Lines of different widths are cut on the slab, creating regular holes resembling ears of grain or tiger stripes. This gives the slabs a slightly industrial look, making them a perfect match for modern arrangements and buildings, such as those with a steel structure with large glazing on the facade. Extrano board is available in nerino, graphite and gray colors. The holes in it are worth filling with fine grit matching the color of the whole arrangement.

Extrano slabs

© Polbruk

Polbruk Ekol paving stone is also noteworthy, as it is already a typically ecological product. It has a dimension of 20×20 cm and a thickness of 8 cm. The bioactive space in this case is determined by the tabs on the sides of each element. Ekol comes in two classic colors: gray and graphite. Openwork pavements are nature-friendly solutions, while at the same time creating many design possibilities.

Ekol paving blocks

© Polbruk

Stylish entrance stairs

When planning the arrangement of outdoor space, it is worth thinking about the optical elevation of the entrance area to the house. The construction of an entrance staircase is necessary when the plot area is characterized by different levels and is not level. Convenient in implementation, because it does not require the construction of a substructure and visually impressive solution are Grando stair treads. The steps are made of damage-resistant, monolithic concrete blocks. They are available in two textures - broken, resembling the appearance of natural stone and smooth, two sizes: 40×100 cm and 46×100 cm, as well as five colors. They fit perfectly into any style. They beautifully display the entrance to the house or terrace. They are distinguished by their original and inspiring design. It is also important that, like paving and all other concrete elements, these steps do not require special maintenance and are easy to clean, which is especially important in heavily used areas.

Grando steps

© Polbruk

Masterful terrace

The terrace is another important element of the outdoor space. It is the place most frequented by householders during warm evenings, so it should be treated with due attention. An original solution for the terrace is the Polbruk Exa slab. Its uniqueness on the market is determined by the striking shape of the extremely fashionable hexagon. This pattern is very popular and visible in many elements of interior design: ceramic tiles, wallpaper, wall panels, mirrors, shelves, hangers or carpets. Exa brings this popular motif outdoors. The slab measures 56.3×43.2 cm, has a smooth texture and is available in two elegant colors: taupe, a combination of gray and beige, and folk in light gray. A terrace made of Exa slabs built flush with the ground can be finished with an even line, but it is also possible to keep the unevenness resulting from the shape of the slabs and combine them in an original way, for example, with grass or fine grit. This is an interesting arrangement procedure that guarantees a sensational effect. Exa slabs can also be used to build paths and alleys. The slabs can be laid traditionally or with the step-by-step method, that is, at equal intervals at a distance of about 60 cm.

An alternative idea for creating an attractive terrace is to lay the slabs in a fashionable herringbone pattern. This pattern, like the hexagon, is a real design hit of the season. Polbruk Oland and Polbruk Metrik concrete slabs can be laid on the terrace in this way. Both slabs have a smooth texture, a thickness of 6 cm and are available in various shades of gray: white, nerino, steel and basalt. They can be used for terraces, alleys, sidewalks and squares. They vary in dimensions. The Oland slab is available in three sizes: 14×28 cm, 14×42 cm and 14×56 cm, while the Metrik cube is slightly smaller and has a dimension of 7×28 cm. Metrik is additionally available in the color corten, referring to the corten steel that is fashionable in architecture, Both proposals look very elegant and go well with modern arrangements.

Attractive flower pots and atmospheric walls, or great small architecture

An important element in the arrangement of outdoor space is small architecture. Here pots come to the fore, which are often an important decorative detail. They emphasize the elegant character of the entrance area and add charm. One of the more durable and practical solutions that allow you to create original arrangements are pots made of precast concrete. An example is the Tigela flower pot. It has a geometric shape similar to a cube, which fits perfectly into modern arrangements. Tigela pots have no bottom and can be stacked on top of each other, allowing you to create unique plant compositions of different heights. Tigela flower pots can be used for point exposition of plants or construction of multi-level flowerbeds and "green walls".

Tigela flower pot

© Polbruk

Among the elements of small architecture, the Albero wall is also worth noting. In appearance it resembles rock slate walls native to Tuscany, Italy. Its smooth texture perfectly imitates natural stone. Albero works well in many roles, as a strictly decorative detail, as a garden wall to compensate for differences in height of the terrain, or as a form of boundary between different spaces in the garden. The Albero wall is erected from prefabricated modules, which have the following dimensions: 41×18×7.7 cm. You can also build a fountain or even garden furniture such as a table or a bar out of Albero prefabricated elements. It is available in alpen and brenta colors. It will perfectly fit into a space maintained in different styles, whether modern, rustic or Mediterranean.

Albero wall

© Polbruk

An outdoor space should be characterized by coherence and harmony. The desired end result will be achieved only if all the elements of the arrangement match each other and the style of the building. When designing the area around the property, in addition to fencing and paving, it is worth remembering the elements of small architecture, which can be used in many interesting architectural solutions. Walls, borders, palisades, steps or flower pots are elements thanks to which we will separate the desired zones from the space, create a barbecue corner or a comfortable relaxation zone with garden furniture and a fountain.

For more information, visit the company's POLBRUK S.A. page on the A&B portal.

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