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Kingspan Air - sandwich panels with improved airtightness

01 of July '21

Modern insulating sandwich panel system.
From the series "Modern facade and wall materials - trends 2021".

Kingspan AIR is a modern sandwich panel system with increased air insulation. Thanks to the improved design of inter-panel joints, you can effectively optimize the expenses associated with the use of buildings.

According to estimates, uncontrolled air infiltration through a building's structural elements is responsible for more than 30% of the costs incurred in heating and ventilating them. This applies to almost all types of buildings from industrial, warehouse and cold storage halls to commercial and residential construction.

The solution, which ensures long-term and virtually trouble-free use and operation of the building, is properly selected and proven materials used for its construction and finishing, in this case - Kingspan insulating sandwich panels.

Thanks to the combination of improved board locks with modern Kingspan QuadCore®, IPN and K-Roc® cores, Kingspan offers a group of products that comprehensively combine the features of high airtightness, fire resistance and thermal insulation.

Why Kingspan Air?

Kingspan AIR products with a lower, betterVA50 parameter (degree of air permeability) than the standard, make it possible to achieve the desired criteria of building airtightness and meet the requirements of the appropriate energy class of the building, such as NF15. The use of Kingspan AIR panels allows for stable and trouble-free operation of mechanical ventilation with recuperation while maintaining maximum energy efficiency. In addition, their use significantly reduces the cost of using buildings due to their very good airtightness and excellent thermal insulation. It also reduces heating and air conditioning costs. The use of Kingspan AIR panels reduces the demand for usable energy by up to 50%. Hypothetically, a building erected using Kingspan AIR panels (without windows, gates, sanitary installations, etc.) would significantly exceed the parameters of the requirements for a NF15-class building.

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Systemic approach guarantees safety

Kingspan AIR combined with a comprehensive approach to modern construction is the way to success. The effectiveness of individual building solutions depends on the holistic approach to the project. The more it is focused on finding ideal solutions, the closer the result is to the ideal. Thanks to the use of special seals, the panels of the Kingspan AIR series are characterized by exceptional air tightness even atVA50 ≤ 0.1 m³/m²h. The solution itself allows energy savings of up to 30% with respect to standard solutions available on the market. By combining the airtightness of Kingspan AIR with the excellent insulation performance offered by QuadCore® technology, we further increase the level of efficiency of the solutions used and strive to make the most of the possibilities of Kingspan sandwich panel systems. The perfect airtightness of the panel lock translates into a long-term, measurable economic benefit.

Products for green building

Modern buildings require modern and environmentally safe materials. Kingspan takes an eco-friendly approach into account when designing all its products. Using QuadCore® core panels, it is possible to achieve not only higher building energy efficiency, but also better environmental ratings (e.g. BREEAM, LEED, DGNB) and lowerCO2 emissions into the atmosphere. By using Kingspan solutions in the long term, we reduce the burden that human activities generate for the environment. Kingspan AIR are solutions that fit perfectly into the contemporary approach to modern construction. By saving energy and extending the effective life of the building, we ultimately reduce the amount ofCO2 introduced into the environment.

Examples of excellent airtightness

For NewCold, Kingspan provided a unique solution based on combined Kingspan KS1150 TL and KS1000 X-dek™ sandwich panel systems. This is one of the largest cold storage buildings in Poland (dimensions 160×74×30 m, volume 357,000 m³).

The goal of the project was to ensure insulation protection of the building structure at a very high level, energy-efficient insulation, and to ensure a constant low temperature inside and keep heat out of the building. In the case of airtightness, the required coefficient of the so-called "multiplicity" was n50 = 0.013 h-1. Upon completion of the construction, an external certification company verifying the airtightness of the buildings carried out airtightness measurements using the Blower Door method.

Two measurements (before and after the facility was cooled to -28°C) showed that the freezer, operating with reduced oxygen content in the air, achieved the highest airtightness the testing company had ever encountered. Indeed, the exchange rate was only n50 = 0.004 h-1, more than three times better than expected.

© Kingspan

Kingspan AIR is a group of solutions created out of concern for the environment. Products in this series are part of our company's global strategy - "Kingspan Planet Passionate". This is Kingspan's action strategy calculated on comprehensive measures to reduce energy consumption, reduceCO2 emissions into the atmosphere, special emphasis on waste reduction through recycling and reduction of water consumption for industrial purposes. The commitment we have made applies to both our internal operations and the solutions we offer. We believe that the use of the latest technologies in modern construction will result in an improved environment in the future.

For more information, visit the company's KINGSPAN Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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