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Kingspan architectural facade systems - world-class, modern architectural solutions

26 of November '22


Are you an architect, engineer or designer and looking for a facade system that meets your technical, aesthetic and budgetary requirements? Are you looking for a facade system that is based on customized panel sizes, a wide range of colors and finishes?
Kingspan architectural facade systems are world-class, modern architectural solutions that will meet your expectations. We will propose a facade system, the elements of which will be prepared for individual project requirements.

In addition, we will provide you with comprehensive knowledge and technical support and advice on the product range at every stage of the project.
Kingspan offers architectural facade systems suitable for a wide range of applications and architectural styles. The company's product portfolio includes both ventilated facade solutions and innovative modular systems. Among the former, Dri-Design is worth mentioning.

Karrier + ceramika fasadowa, Kompleks biurowy Technopolis w Wilnie (Litwa)

Karrier + façade ceramics, Technopolis office complex in Vilnius (Lithuania)



This is a system based on aluminum cassettes, which was developed for not only minimalist, but also complex, sophisticated facade designs. It combines ease and speed of installation with durability and very good technical parameters. The cassettes are made of 100% aluminum and retain their shape, structure and excellent appearance for years. In addition, thanks to a highly automated production line, each Dri-Design cassette is characterized by high quality and precision. All products in this series have achieved the A2-s1,d0 fire reaction class in accordance with EN13501-1. In addition, they are 100% recyclable.

Dri-Design, Budynek biurowy i laboratoryjny Fujirebio GoCo w Mölndal (Szwecja)

Dri-Design, Fujirebio GoCo office and laboratory building in Mölndal (Sweden)


Dri-Design cassettes can be installed in three ways: directly, using an aluminum substructure for Karrier panels, or as a ventilated facade. The former installation method results in life-cycle energy savings, lighter facades, and benefits in efficiency and sustainability dimensions.
The system is available in a wide range of colors, structural finishes, sizes and textures. Thanks to the different shapes of available cassettes (Flat, Shadow, Tapered), it enables the creation of three-dimensional facades. Dri-Design Flat are flat pieces and can be used interchangeably with Shadow and Tapered cassettes. Each Shadow cassette can be designed with different depths relative to the facade face, creating rich texture or dynamic patterns on the building facade. Its use will add depth and character to any architectural project. Dri-Design Tapered, on the other hand, can be tilted in different directions, with different depths and angles.

Karrier + lamele bambusowe, Orientarium w Łodzi (Polska)

Carrier + bamboo laths, Orientarium in Lodz, Poland)


The ability to custom design each element allows the creation of dynamic surfaces. In addition, perforations can be made on each cassette, as an additional and paid service. Thanks to the possibility of changing the size, density and location of perforations, Perforated cassettes allow for free play of light and shadow and reproduction of any drawing or photo on the facade.

Matrix and Evolution

These are unique modular systems that effectively combine structural, insulating and finishing functions in a single panel. The panels consist of two metal surfaces placed on either side of an insulating core. All internal parts are interconnected and form one cohesive element. Both have an integrated insulation core and a super-smooth surface.
Both systems feature an organic coating finish on a Spectrum alloy substrate (50 μm thick) as standard, with exceptional aesthetic qualities and guaranteed performance. Other finish variants, such as PES or PVDF, are available on request. Evolution and Matrix modular facade systems can be purchased in a wide range of RAL system colors, as well as custom colors offered by Kingspan.

Matrix, Centrum serwisowe EME AERO w Jesionce (Polska)

Matrix, EME AERO service center in Jesionka, Poland.


Matrix panels are an advanced facade system with an integrated K-Roc® mineral wool insulation core that can be bent horizontally to create large wide areas or used to make minimalist corner sections. The Evolution system, on the other hand, is available in two insulation cores with QuadCore® and IPN. They can be installed vertically or horizontally, and can be easily combined with other Kingspan products for complete design freedom. These are modern, tailor-made facade panels that will work well in the most demanding architectural projects, while saving time and money. The systems are complemented by a range of corners and arches in various shapes.

Evolution, Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa w Lesznie (Polska)

Evolution, State Higher Vocational School in Leszno (Poland)


Architectural facade systems are innovative products that allow architects to shape the appearance of the facades of prestigious buildings in an interesting way. They are eagerly used in the erection of commercial buildings, for which an attractive facade is one of the most important elements of image building.

Matrix, Siedziba główna Chefs Culinar w Wiskitkach (Polska)

Matrix, Chefs Culinar headquarters in Wiskitki (Poland)


For more information, visit the company's KINGSPAN Sp. z o.o. page on PdA.

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