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Cedral fiber-cement tiles and boards - ecological, resistant and durable materials for facades

27 of June '21

Cedral tiles and boards made of fiber-cement.
From the series "Modern facade and wall materials - trends 2021".

The facade is the business card of the house, so it is important to choose the right material with which it will be covered. Cedral brand includes tiles and facade boards made of fiber cement. Thanks to their unique properties, ease of installation and maintenance, as well as their extensive range, these materials are ideal for both new buildings and renovations of older structures. Below we will discuss exactly what they are made of and their possible applications.

The Dom with a jamDom with a jamDom with a jam small-format tiles were used on the entire façade and roof.

House with a jam, proj.: PAG Tomasz Glowacki.
Cedral small-format tiles were used on the entire facade and roof.


Fiber-cement - durable, lightweight and eco-friendly

Cedral tiles and boards are made of fiber-cement. It is a composite material, created exclusively from natural and environmentally and health-neutral raw materials. It was invented in the late 19th century by Ludwig Hatscheck and has since become one of the most appreciated building materials. Why?

Among other things, fiber-cement is characterized by high resistance to the adverse effects of atmospheric conditions (frost, precipitation, UV radiation) or substances that have strong alkaline properties. As a result, it can be used in any latitude around the world. It is a safe, durable and non-flammable material (EURO class A2-s1, d0).

The production process of fiber -cement consists in the application of successive layers of a properly prepared mixture of materials, including sand, water, cement and cellulose fibers (providing the necessary cohesion and strength of the material). The service life of fiber-cement exceeds 50 years.

Elewacja covered with Cedral small format tile in graphite color (horizontal coverage)Elewacja covered with Cedral small format tile in graphite color (horizontal coverage)Elewacja covered with Cedral small format tile in graphite color (horizontal coverage).

Facade covered with Cedral small format tile in graphite color (horizontal coverage)


Modern and fashionable facades with Cedral tiles

Cedral small-format tiles are best known as a popular material for roofing, chimney flashing, dormers or mansards. Thanks to their small size, easy processing and extensive color range, they are increasingly used as a facade material. They can be used to cover the entire facade or only part of it, combining them with other materials, such as brick or plaster, for example. An interesting solution is also to use them on the whole building and cover both the facade and the roof of the building with them, thus emphasizing the uniform character of the block.

Wzory krycia Cedral

Cedral tiles

© Cedral

Cedral tiles are available in several extremely durable and beautiful colors, the most popular of which are black and graphite. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and two surface variants: smooth and slate-textured, as well as a variant with irregular edges, which brings them even closer to the look of natural slate. Cedral tiles come with a 30-year manufacturer's warranty.

Dom jednorodzinny
w Wałczu pokryty deską Cedral LAP WOOD w dwóch kontrastujących kolorach © CEDRAL Dom
jednorodzinny w Tuchomiu pokryty deską Cedral LAP WOOD w kolorze CL104 jasny dąb © CEDRAL

A single-family house in Walcz covered with Cedral LAP WOOD board in two contrasting colors, and a
A single-family house in Tuchom covered with Cedral LAP WOOD board in CL104 light oak color.


Timeless facade with Cedral boards

Cedral fiber-cement boards are an aesthetically pleasing, durable and virtually maintenance-free facade material. They are available in two installation variants: overlap LAP and tongue-and-groove Click. They can be installed on the facade traditionally horizontally and vertically, giving the realization a more modern character. The color range consists of more than 30 colors, from muted whites and grays through intense reds to graphite and black. Cedral planks are also available in two surface variants: smooth SMOOTH and wood grain WOOD. What is very important - they are not subject to deformation or corrosion.

Dom na Dolnym
Śląsku, w takcie renowacji elewacji fragmenty pokryto deską Cedral LAP WOOD w kolorze CL105 - ciemny dąb © CEDRAL Dom na Kaszubach, fragmenty
elewacji pokryte zostały deską Cedral LAP WOOD w beżowym kolorze © CEDRAL

A house in Lower Silesia, during the renovation of the facade fragments were covered with Cedral LAP WOOD board in CL105 - dark oak color and a house in Kashubia, fragments of the facade were covered with Cedral LAP WOOD board in beige color


Cedral boards are installed in a ventilated facade system. This system consists of an inner structure and a protective rainscreen cladding to protect the house from the elements. Between the two there is a ventilation gap, allowing air to flow freely and providing excellent sound insulation, as well as moisture removal from the walls. This gives us a very energy-efficient solution that we will enjoy for many years.

Choosing Cedral materials we get an aesthetic and modern facade. Durable, virtually maintenance-free, safe fiber-cement boards and tiles will help create the most creative realization, giving it a timeless character.

For more information, visit the company's CEDRAL | Etex Exteriors page on the A&B portal.

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