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Cedral is a range of fiber-cement materials for roofs and facades, making it easy to realize a beautiful and durable project!

To Cedral's facade boards, small-format tiles for roofs and facades have been added. Retaining their superior quality, the fiber-cement tiles, previously available under the brand names Struktonit and Euronit, are now part of Cedral's offering. Made of environmentally friendly and durable materials, Cedral's façade boards, roof tiles and façade tiles can be used on all types of construction, both on new buildings and renovated structures. Get inspired and discover solutions for yourself!

Euronit quality matches Cedral innovation

We continue our development, drawing on the more than 100-year heritage of Eternit and Euronit. Highly rated fiber-cement products, including small-format tiles for roofs and facades, were available under this brand. At the same time, we are constantly looking for innovations and strive to ensure that our products provide as much value as possible to our customers. That's why our roof tiles are now part of Cedral's world, giving you more choice, more available services and knowledge to make your construction process easier.

Roof tiles
Durable and beautiful roofs for years to come

Fiber-cement roof tiles give you a wide range of options. You can choose from a variety of roof tile laying patterns, shapes, colors and surface textures.

Our fiber-cement roof tiles offer you beautiful, durable and long-lasting solutions to protect your home from all weather conditions. Thanks to their light weight, Cedral's small-format tiles are also the ideal material for any home renovation and restoration project. You may already be familiar with our fiber-cement tiles, as they have been on the market for many years under the names Struktonit and Euronit.

Modern architectural designs or traditional construction? Get inspired and discover the endless creative and aesthetic possibilities of our roof tiles and their numerous applications.

Planks and tiles for the facade
A timeless facade for your home

Choose the facade material that suits you best. Cedral offers facade boards and fiber cement tiles that are perfect for new construction and facade renovations.

Cedral's facade boards are available in the more traditional overlap style or with a matching groove, giving you the choice of a classic or contemporary finish. Cedral fiber-cement plank facade finishes allow you to fit into any architectural style of your building and meet any creative solutions in facade design.

Cedral board blends well with any other facade material. You can also choose our small-format tiles, which laid on the facade guarantee a unique look for your home.

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