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A modern and durable roof with CEDRAL tiles

15 of April '22

CEDRAL small-format roof tiles.
From the series "Roofs and roof accessories - Trends 2022".

CEDRAL small -format tiles are a material that has been known and appreciated for many years, and is attracting more and more interest every year. Available in many sizes, colors and two types of surface and edge finishes, they offer considerable design possibilities, matching any architectural style. Thanks to its unique properties, not only will we get a very aesthetic effect, but also a durable solution that requires virtually no maintenance.

Cedral Alterna tile on the roof and facade of a single-family house in Cielle, Belgium.
Arch. Atelier D'Architecture Bosquée

© Cedral

Safe, durable and non-combustible roof tiles

Cedral tiles are made of fiber-cement, a safe and environmentally sustainable material. As a result, the tiles are distinguished by unique properties: among other things, they are extremely resistant to the adverse effects of weather conditions (frost, precipitation, UV radiation) or substances that have strong alkaline properties. They are extremely durable (the service life of fiber-cement is more than fifty years). They ensure safety, as they are non-flammable, which is confirmed by an excellent rating in terms of reaction to fire - class A2-s1, d0.

Cedral tiles on the roof and part of the facade of a single-family house in Ostelsheim, Germany.

© Cedral

Lightweight roofing

A square meter of Cedral tiles weighs only a dozen kilograms, so they belong to the group of lightweight roofing materials. This means that when renovating an old roof, additional reinforcement of the trusses can be avoided, and a less demanding structure can be used for new construction.

Versatile use of Cedral tiles

The most common and well-known use of tiles is to cover the roof with them. They can be used on practically any type of it, remembering, however, that the minimum roof pitch for tiles is 25 degrees. They are an excellent alternative to tile, profiled tiles and slate, which are popular on Polish roofs. Simple forms create a smooth and flat surface, giving the roof a consistent character and original look.

Cedral tiles on a show house by ABZ Modular Wooden Homes

© Cedral

Cedral tiles can also be used to cover vertical surfaces. They are ideal for finishing walls and gable rafters, mansards, eaves, dormers and roof windows, and other architectural details. They are often used to cover chimneys. Thanks to the fact that they are a non-flammable material, they meet all standards and ensure the safety of this solution, and at the same time ensure the aesthetic appearance of the roof, covered entirely with one material.

In the case of modern architectural designs of single-family houses, it is increasingly common to see buildings covered entirely with one material. Cedral tiles are a solution that can be used in this case to cover both the roof and the facade of the building. In this way, the unified character of the building mass will be emphasized. Such a bold solution catches the eye, giving the realization a unique and very contemporary character.

For more information, visit the company's CEDRAL | Etex Exteriors | Siniat Sp. z o.o.  page on the A&B portal.

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