CEDRAL fiber-cement facade boards

Timeless facade

Cedral facade boards are made of fiber-cement - a combination of wood cellulose, synthetic fibers, water and cement - one of the most environmentally friendly and versatile building materials available on the market. Thanks to its unique properties, CEDRAL materials are distinguished by their extraordinary durability and strength, are resistant to water, frost, rot, mold and the effects of bacteria and insects, and, which is also very important, are non-flammable (class A2 - s1, d0).

Comprehensive solutions

CEDRAL is a comprehensive solution for your facade. A facade in the CEDRAL system consists of aninternal substructure and a protective cladding to protect the house from the weather. Between the two there is a ventilation gap that allows free air circulation and provides excellent sound insulation, as well as the removal of moisture from the walls.
This ensures optimal conditions inside the building and meets the technical requirements specified by the regulations, which were tightened at the beginning of this year.

Dom jednorodzinny pod Krakowem, elewacja wykonana z desek Cedral CLICK WOOD w kolorze białym C01

Single-family house near Krakow, facade made of Cedral CLICK WOOD boards in white C01


Easy to work with and install

CEDRAL offers all the accessories necessary for installation in colors matching the color of the boards, allowing you to achieve the perfect appearance of the facade. The boards do not need to be drilled, and no complicated tools are needed to work with them. They can be cut with, for example, a hand saw, guillotine, electric jigsaw or circular saw. The installation itself is very simple, you only need to follow a few rules to do all the installation work yourself. CEDRAL boards are also pleasant to use. They require virtually no maintenance; if they get dirty, just wash them with water and mild detergent or soap.

Do jednorodzinny w woj. śląskim, elewacja wykonana z desek Cedral LAP WOOD w kolorze szarym C05

A single-family house in the Silesian province, facade made of Cedral LAP WOOD boards in C05 gray color.


Durable colors

CEDRAL offers more than 30 durable colors, allowing you to choose the right color for your project. With two types of surface: smooth SMOOTH and WOOD wood grain, and two installation methods: overlap LAP and groove CLICK, you can give your facade a very individual character. In addition, CEDRAL façade boards can be laid both vertically and horizontally, making it possible to realize a unique design.