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Röben - traditional clinker in a new edition

01 of July '21

The industrial design of Röben clinker bricks.
From the series "Modern facade and wall materials - trends 2021".

Traditional clinker in the new edition is a material without which today's architectural projects would not achieve, among other things, an industrial effect. It is it that co-creates the currently fashionable design and dresses buildings and interior walls in a modern garment.

© Röben

As you know, fashion is not limited to the clothing market, but runs through virtually all areas of our lives. Architecture is also subject to trends, and although a lot is changing, designers do not forget about durable, excellent quality and proven solutions, requiring, however, some "refreshing". A good example of this is the clinker still readily used on facades and in interiors. This one changes over the years. It follows the spirit of the times, perfectly harmonizing with modern architecture. So is it possible to achieve a completely new effect using bricks and clinker tiles that have been known for centuries? Of course!

Futuristic wall surface

Those who would think that clinker in black would only work as a detail, for example, on the base of a building, would be wrong. Today one designs with flair, and a whole wall built with clinker bricks, such as the anthracite smooth PORTLAND or black FARO by Röben, makes a fantastic impression. It looks perfect in juxtaposition with the modern lines of minimalist architecture. Its deep, dark color, thanks to its smooth face with a slightly glossy surface, makes the facade elegant, majestic and somewhat mysterious.

An interesting effect achieved by the designers is the creation of a spatial drawing on the walls by combining carriage and head bond. Thanks to the protruding black bricks, laid with a narrower side, additionally extended beyond the face of the facade, we get an original image. The black surface in this configuration makes a spectacular impression, both observed up close and closing the view axis in the distance.

© Röben

PORTLAND clinker brick allows to achieve a shade of extinguished black on the facade. Its perfectly smooth face and excellent technical parameters make it a popular choice among designers for its durability and high resistance to, for example, changing weather conditions. FARO black brick, although darker than PORTLAND, having the effect of deep black, will perfectly highlight minimalist and modernist designs. As a Röben PREMIUM product, this clinker is characterized by special resistance and durability. It is distinguished by an extremely high compressive strength class (>100 N/mm²) and very low water absorption (about 2.5%).

© Röben

LDF format and shading

Both in the interior and on the facade, non-standard formats of bricks and clinker tiles are now readily used. Although the traditional ones are still popular, Röben's products marked LDF have a huge fan base among customers in recent years. This is a narrow, elongated format with a face size of 290×115×52 mm. Both used alone and combined with other dimensions of bricks, they perfectly harmonize with modern architecture. They harmonize with both modern and more traditional styles. In both cases, they will give the architecture an unconventional look.

Currently, architects and designers are eager to propose gray shaded clinker, such as in the elongated XLDF format, which looks good in minimalist, modern, subdued compositions, where a strong emphasis is placed on the high quality of clearly exposed wall materials. An excellent example is MARGATE, a gray shaded clinker brick or tile with an elongated LDF format, which has become a timeless product thanks to its unique texture and excellent technical parameters. It is chosen by investors who focus on originality, reliability and ecology. MARGATE has a dark base, on which two elegant shades of gray are superimposed. Each product has a unique appearance, thanks to specially made hollows and cracks. The resulting surface will therefore be unique. Röben clinker is characterized not only by exceptional durability, but also by consistent color. The color on the facade or wall in the interior will not change over the years of use.

© Röben

Röben's gray, anthracite and black clinker products, whether shaded or with a smooth face, will give a facade or wall in the interior an exceptionally sophisticated, elegant finish that will be a showpiece of the home at first glance. Such surfaces set trends today and do not so much become a background for modern design, but play their own distinctive role in architecture.

For more information, visit the company's RÖBEN POLSKA Sp. z o.o. i Wspólnicy Sp.k. page on the A&B portal.

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