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Solutions from Polbruk - a spectacular effect in modern and minimalist arrangements

25 of November '22

Spectacular effect in modern and minimalist arrangements. New solutions from the manufacturer Polbruk

Bosso trapezoidal slab

Bosso Trapezoid slab is a novelty in Polbruk's offer and a real treat for lovers of original design. It is a large-format slab in the shape of a trapezoid in the size of 40x60x20 cm. Bosso Trapez slabs arranged on a larger surface create a repetitive and mesmerizing pattern reminiscent of geometric vases or diamonds. They have a smooth texture and come in three colors- nerino, graphite and steel.

Due to their aesthetics and original shape,they fit perfectlyinto the modern and minimalist style. Bosso Trapezoid slabs are available in two thicknesses 4,5 cm and 8 cm, so they can be used to build pavements for different purposes.

Donica Tigela

Tigela flower pot


The 4.5 cm thick slabs can be used to create a stylish terrace, walkways and alleys in the garden, while the 8 cm thick elements can be used to create a driveway for cars. For proponents of design minimalism, two thicknesses allow you to arrange the entire space around the house with the same design.
The designer format and shape, as well as the modern colors of the Bosso Trapezoid slabs guarantee a spectacular effect in modern and minimalist arrangements.

Extrano slab

Polbruk Extrano is an original idea for designer and ecological paving. It is a concrete openwork slab in the shape of a square, measuring 50x50 cm and 7 cm thick. The lines cut into the slab look very industrial, which makes it perfect for the surroundings of modern buildings with steel structures and large glazing.

Polbruk Extrano

Polbruk Extrano


Extrano is an ecological solution - the pavement laid with these slabs allows water to permeate into the ground (permeable surface - 11%). In the small spaces between the elements, grass can be sown or grit can be spread, which creates additional design possibilities.
Extrano has a smooth texture and is available in three shades of gray - steel, basalt and nerino. This color scheme and design make it ideal for minimalist or modern arrangements, which feature opposing colors, symmetry and geometricity. It can be used in alleys, pedestrian areas and driveways or parking lots provided for the temporary movement of vehicles over 3.5 tons.

Tigela flower pot, L-bench Tigela

The Tigela potting system looks very impressive in modern arrangements of outdoor spaces and is perfect for conifers, as well as many other plants. It consists of ready-made Tigela pots and Tigela L-modules, from which we can create flowerbeds, flowerbeds or pots tailored to individual projects.
The Tigela pot is 40x40 cm in size, 33 cm high and has no bottom. It is characterized by a simple, cubist form and minimalist and elegant appearance. It is perfect for arrangements that assume a point display of plants. Tigela pots can also be used to erect a vertical wall of greenery, just place them one on top of the other; they can also be used as flowerbeds along a flight of stairs. It is available in two fashionable colors - steel and graphite, which blend beautifully with many arrangements.

L-ka Tigela, ławka

Tigela L-block, bench


L-ka Tigela, on the other hand, is a module with dimensions of 40x33x80 cm. Thanks to the fact that it has the shape of the letter "L", the forms created from it can get different heights, depending on whether we base the foundation on its short or long side or on the edge. In this way, we can build flowerbeds and pots of different shapes and heights.

Neo fence

Neo fence fits perfectly intomodern in style, modernist houses. Due to its smooth texture and solid colors, it refers in appearance to the fashionable and readily used in architecture concrete.

Ogrodzenie Neo

Neo fence


The Neo system is formed by rectangular blocks with dimensions of 20x60 cm and a height of 10 cm, which are available in two shades of gray: graphite and steel. The slender shape, smooth texture and subdued colors are welcome in modern arrangements, where it is often desirable to expose the "concrete" character.
In addition to fencing, Neo blocks can be used to make many elements of small architecture, such as original flower pots and flowerbeds, designer garden furniture, barbecues, as well as a stylish fountain enclosure or water cascade wall. Structures made of Neo should be finished with a flat roof, which is 5 cm high.

Flesh edge

Fleece edging is an extremely interesting design element. It has a size of 20x6 cm, height of 30 cm and the shape of an inverted letter "L". Under its canopy there is a special recess that allows the installation of LED tape. The flash allows you to highlight selected parts of the pavement and arrangement elements with light. It is perfect for paths around the house, garden alleys and on the driveway.

Obrzeże Flesz

Flesh edge


In addition to an interesting visual effect, this solution increases safety, as the edges of the pavement are perfectly visible. Flesz edging illuminates the way to the garage, makes it easier to maneuver the car, and also avoids accidentally driving into the lawn or flowerbed. Flesz with LED tape can also be used as a stair tread, providing steps with subtle illumination and thus reducing the risk of tripping on the step. It can also be used to create an illuminated flower pot.

The Flesz edging has a minimalist shape and comes in three neutral colors, two shades of gray - steel and graphite - and beige. This makes it a perfect addition and an arrangement buckle for a driveway built with large-format slabs or paths made of minimalist and modern slabs.

For more information, visit the company's POLBRUK S.A. page on the PdA portal.

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