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A good poster, or what kind of poster? An online lecture about the Polish School of Posters

14 of May '20

Today we invite you to a meeting with art online, the topic of which is "Polish School of Poster". The event is part of a series of lectures entitled. "Art for the strengthening of the heart" organized by the Artistic Journey of Hestia Foundation.

A good poster, that is, what kind of poster?

A good poster is more than just an advertising medium - it can be art, or even a work of art! Poland has a long and interesting tradition in this field. "Polish School of Posters" is a very capacious and ambiguous category - however, it is assumed that it refers to the thriving development of domesticposter art of the period from the 1950s to the 1970s. Although the projects created at that time were stylistically very diverse, their common features, however, were conciseness and economy of form, ironic humor and innovative lettering. To this day, communist-era graphics are making waves around the world, and numerous Polish versions of posters for major Hollywood films are considered more interesting than the original ones.

Online lecture on the "Polish School of Posters"

The meeting belonging to the series entitled "Art branding: the art of creation" will be held online on the Microsft Teams platform. The lecture will be given by Anna Palacz-Brzezinska - art historian, graduate of Warsaw University. She has worked with institutions such as the Zachęta National Gallery of Art, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw and the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle. For two years she was a specialist in the Content Department of the Libra Auction House. Enthusiast of post-war modernism architecture, Polish design of the second half of the 20th century and architecture photography. Since 2019, she has been working with the Hestia Artistic Journey Foundation.

  • Theme: "Polish School of Posters"
  • date: May 14 this year at 7 pm
  • place: online meeting

Cykl spotkań online. Sztuka ku pokrzepieniu serc.

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Meetings for everyone

Anyone can take part in the meetings organized by the APH Foundation and its patron, ERGO Hestia Insurance Company. All that is needed is access to the Internet. The goal of the APH Foundation is to impart knowledge in a way that everyone can understand, and to arouse interest in both Polish and foreign culture. As the organizers state:

We know that artistic activities have great potential: they motivate action, stimulate imagination and awaken creativity. Taking a look at the best artistic realizations from around the world will help to gain distance from the surrounding world, problems and tasks.

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