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An avalanche of awards for Tremend for Crowne Plaza Warsaw - The HUB

03 of October '21

In the very center of the city, in Warsaw's Wola district, near Daszyński Roundabout, the first Crowne Plaza Warsaw hotel - The HUB - has been built. This modern property combines the electrifying vibrancy of the city with tranquility drawn from nature. It delights from crossing the threshold. An experienced Warsaw architectural studio Tremend Sp. z o.o. is responsible for the design of the hotel's interior, so it's no wonder that the project has garnered as many as four of the most prestigious awards and prizes in international design world competitions.

Crowne Plaza as a brand was introduced to Poland in 2020. For the designers and architects on the Tremend team, it was an incredibly interesting adventure. An international brand had to be adapted to Polish realities.

Just like in life, we were learning something all the time. What we were creating was new to ourselves. It was pure design," says Magdalena Federowicz-Boule, architect, president and creative director of Tremend.

Federowicz-Boule z Tremend

Magdalena Federowicz-Boule at the Crowne Plaza Warsaw - The HUB hotel.

Photo: Marta Kieliszczyk, OKK! PR

first of all man

Creating a brand and introducing it to the Polish market must be based on surprise. The architects wanted to create something that would attract people and make them simply feel good to be there. Proof of this is the fact that the Crowne Plaza Hotel was the first in Europe to receive the WELL Health-Safety Rating certificate - as the entire complex of The Warsaw HUB meets the stringent safety requirements against COVID-19.

Przestrzeń hotelu
Crowne Plaza Warsaw – The HUB

The friendly space of the Crowne Plaza Warsaw hotel - The HUB

Photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

This hotel is a work of man, for man and about man. Above all, passion can be seen in the work of the architects. The leitmotif of the entire project is the Vistula River, which stands out from all European rivers. Its wildness, surrounding nature and golden sand, have been transferred to the interior. It can be seen in the art, materials, carpet patterns or veining of the stones used. If you squint your eyes, you will notice a large amount of brass in the interiors, which with its golden color evokes Vistula beaches and sunsets.

Widok z baru The
Roof Crowne Plaza Warsaw – The HUB

view from the top floor of the hotel

photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

wild nature in the heart of the city

Despite the aforementioned wildness of the Vistula River, one should not forget that it flows through the very center of Warsaw. The second assumption of the architects when creating the hotel interiors was to reflect the vibrant life of the city. The Warsaw HUB is located in the very center of the capital. There is constant traffic there. It's a place where people are constantly running to somewhere. Crowne Plaza is a kind of refuge where one can slow down for a while and meet others. Hence, the designers took special care of the common areas, which are characterized by a wealth of finishing materials and exceptional attention to detail. The architects wanted to create a place full of positive vibrations that electrify the emotions of guests.

Signature Bar

The architects opted for beautifully finished bars

photo: JAM Collective © Tremend

The hotel's bars are particularly awe-inspiring - starting with the spectacular Signature Bar in the hotel lobby, dominated by a copper rack shimmering with the colors of the setting sun, through the smaller restaurant bars, and ending with the true crème de la crème of the place, the skybar The Roof located on the top, 21st floor of the skyscraper. It is a luxurious space accessible to everyone. It is not only the excellent cuisine, but above all the sophisticated design and breathtaking view of the Warsaw skyline that encourages people to visit this place.

 Skybar The Roof
w Crowne Plaza Warsaw – The HUB

skybar The Roof at Crowne Plaza Warsaw - The HUB

photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

In addition to unforgettable impressions, a person looks for what is close to him in architecture. He looks for a feeling of comfort and security. That's why nature-related motifs have been transferred to the interiors of hotel rooms. Without direct contact with nature, a person begins to feel lost. Especially in the center of a metropolis. This is when it is worth reaching for design created in respect for the ecosphere. The design of the Tremend studio is not indifferent to our need for closeness to wild nature. In the first place for the designers was the well-being and satisfaction of guests visiting the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Liczna zieleń
w hotelu Crowne Plaza Warsaw – The HUB

The abundant greenery at the Crowne Plaza Warsaw hotel - The HUB

Photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

EKO design

Respect for nature accompanied Tremend from the very beginning. When designing the hotel, the first thought was how to create it in an eco-friendly way - reducing the carbon footprint. Architects are most likely to think about how to preserve something, not throw it away, how to recycle it. Here they had an absolutely new object to create, but nevertheless caring for nature became the brand's architectural philosophy. The materials used in the realization have a life cycle.

Studio Lounge
w hotelu Crowne Plaza Warsaw – The HUB

Studio Lounge at the Crowne Plaza Warsaw hotel - The HUB

Photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

Only selected, high-quality materials were chosen, brands that care about ecology at a high level. The focus was on both care for ecology and attention to detail and quality, all things that matter to us as people and consumers of space.

The Tremend studio's design is characterized by extraordinary storytelling. The Crowne Plaza Warsaw Hotel - The HUB tells the story of an eclectic city saturated with vibrant energy that meets directly with wild nature. Such is Warsaw, its people and The Warsaw HUB complex.

Wnętrze salonu
w Senior Suite

The interior of the living room in the Senior Suite

photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

four design awards

The interiors of the Crown Plaza hotel undoubtedly delight guests with their originality, but also the jury of international competitions. In fact, the project of the Tremend studio received platinum in the Muse Design Awards in the Interior - Hotels & Resorts category, which is an incredibly prestigious honor. It was also awarded the gold statuette of the world's largest and most diverse international design competition, the A'Design Award. Another honor for the Crown Plaza project, as well as for the architects of the Tremend architectural firm, is winning The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021 in the HotelOver 200 Rooms - Europe category, organized by the prestigious design magazine et al!

Wnętrze jednej
z łazienek w pokoju typu Junior Suite

The interior of one of the bathrooms in the Junior Suite room

photo: Piotr Gęsicki © Tremend

The realization of the interior of the Crowne Plaza Warsaw - The Hub hotel was also recognized and appreciated by the jury of the Hospitality Design magazine competition. The magazine awards the best and most innovative projects from around the world.

The Crowne Plaza hotel project was a challenge and an adventure for us. We were introducing the brand to the Polish market and there were no exact design standards. This, on the one hand, scared us a little, but on the other hand, it allowed us to completely realize our ideas and visions. This makes us even more pleased that our work has been recognized in so many international competitions," Magdalena Federowicz-Boule concludes.

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