We have been operating in the market of finishing materials since 1994. We began our activity by cooperating with an Italian manufacturer in the import and installation of metal suspended ceilings. The experience we gained allowed us to undertake innovative solutions and start our own production of suspended ceilings on the Polish market. Our mission is to provide customers with metal products of the highest quality. We design and manufacture louvered, coffered, slatted, expanded metal ceilings, as well as cladding and facades.

Responding to the ever-growing needs of the market, we carry out individual projects and use a variety of materials such as:

  • steel,
  • aluminum
  • titanium-zinc sheets
  • cor-ten
  • composite plates
  • non-ferrous metal alloys

Thanks to the adaptation of production processes to European standards and the constant expansion of machinery and technological facilities - we provide safe products that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Annually we supply the European market with more than 200 000 m² of metal ceilings, which makes us the largest manufacturer of metal ceilings in Poland.

Branch office in Katowice
Barcelonska 1 Street
40-683 Katowice

tel. 32/ 290-65-01

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