Green City Life Sp. z o.o.

Green City Life offers high-quality technologies that support the restoration of the natural environment in urban areas. All of our products and services around these products focus on a modern approach to various natural surfaces in cities. ZinCo, our flagship product - green roofs and roof gardens - is designed for almost any type of roof. For example: large-scale or bungalow, small sheds or woodsheds. We also place green layers regardless of its shape - it can also be an attic roof. Greenleaf, trees in the city, our second flagship product - we propose wherever it is necessary and advisable to green an area in difficult conditions, not conducive to the development of the root system.

From consulting, to design, to implementation of implementation, we are at your service at every stage of the project - be it gardens or grass on the roof, or planting trees in cities. The technologies we use in our daily work make it possible, first of all, to:

  • acquisition of additional biologically active area,
  • increased rainwater retention,
  • additional points for Leed and Bream projects,
  • proper development of trees in cities,
  • reduction of heat islands in cities,
  • project-specific solutions.

We are a group of enthusiasts and professionals, and our professionalism, knowledge and experience - are a guarantee of applying interesting and customized solutions. All GCL technical advisors provide you with free and professional assistance at every stage of your investment, both in design and in the installation of our materials.

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