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Tackling climate change with a vegetated roof system from GCL

05 of December '22

We all realize the value of greenery surrounding us every day. One of the methods of combating the aforementioned negative effects of climate change is the greening of roofs.

Tackling climate change with ZinCo's vegetated roof system

The lack of greenery is felt most in large cities, where there is a specific microclimate characterized by the occurrence of urban heat islands, short but intense rainfall or, finally, the most frequently discussed, high concentration of pollutants harmful to humans.

Dach klimatyczny ZinCo

ZinCo climate roof


ZinCo retention roof

As a general rule, any well-made vegetated roof accumulates a certain amount of water and slows the runoff of excess water. The effectiveness of this process depends on the system system we choose. ZinCo's systemic retention roof solution allows for an increase in the space in the roof's layering system, which, during the course of an intense rainfall event, is able to accumulate excess water that exceeds the retention capacity of classic vegetated roofs. Two elements are responsible for this. The first is the so-called "spacer element", e.g. RS 60. Its purpose is to increase the space between the arrangement of layers that allow vegetation and waterproofing. In this additional space obtained thanks to this solution, we can accumulate up to 55 l/m² more water than in the standard system.

Dach retencyjny ZinCo

ZinCo retention roof


The second element is the so-called "runoff restrictor" installed on roof drains. It is responsible for the regulated drainage of water from the roof during rainfall. Its design includes an emergency overflow in case of rainfall, the intensity of which exceeds even the capabilities of the described solution. It should still be emphasized that this solution should be envisaged at the building design stage, as we must take into account the higher time load on the ceiling, the lack of slopes to the roof drains and waterproofing that can withstand water pressure. It is easiest to introduce this element in conjunction with roofs designed for extensive vegetation, as these very solutions do not require the use of complex technologies and the selection of appropriate materials can ensure many years of operation.

Istotnym elementem dachu klimatycznego jest dobór gatunkowy roślin

An important element of the climate roof is the species selection of plants


Roof of increased evapotranspiration with ZinCo technology

The phenomenon of evapotranspiration occurs wherever we deal with surfaces covered with vegetation. Roofs, intended for the development of vegetation can also be used to increase the surface area, which through evapotranspiration improves the humidity of the air and cools it in the immediate vicinity. This effect is a good example to show that a roof can give benefits not only to the users of the building on which it is installed, but also to the entire neighborhood.

Element retencjonujący ZinCo RS60

ZinCo RS60 retention element


In an era of quite frequent periods of drought and general water scarcity in cities, there may be a problem with the mentioned phenomenon. Because how to count on the positive effect of evapotranspiration, when it is in many cases reduced to a minimum and almost imperceptible to the environment? In such cases, it is worth introducing the so-called "climate roof" ZinCo. This solution involves the use of specially selected and manufacturer-tested vegetation that provides high levels of transpiration supported by an irrigation system.

An interesting fact is that the plants tested showed tolerance to so-called "gray water". This allows us to use water once used to water the roof. In classic vegetated roof systems, water from the irrigation system penetrates the layers of the system which does not allow it to be used 100% by the plants. Therefore, an important element of such a roof where we rely on evapotranspiration is the Aquafleece® AF 300 nonwoven fabric that distributes water supplied by the automatic irrigation system. It ensures even distribution of water over the roof surface.

Włóknina ZinCo Aquafleece AF 300

ZinCo Aquafleece AF 300 nonwoven fabric


However, in case of additional precipitation, it lets, under pressure, water further into the drainage element preventing waterlogging of vegetation. Studies show that a roof with increased evapotranspiration and an area of 100 m² can evaporate 2 times more water per day than a mature tree. Given the trend in which we build up every available space without always investing in greenery to offset the negative effects of a given development, this is an interesting alternative.

For more information, visit the company's Green City Life Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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