JAWOR-PARKIET Producent podłóg drewnianych

For more than a quarter of a century, our love of natural beauty and pursuit of excellence has been what inspires us and crowns each of our creations. When we create wood floors, our goal is that they add a unique touch to interiors. We believe that they will turn any room into an interior that is stylish, elegant, full of warmth and luxury.


The dynamic development of our company allows us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We are constantly looking for the best quality raw materials in the country and the world. Modern production lines, research and strength tests and many years of experience make our products second to none.


Cooperation with architects and designers brings us closer to our customers' needs and inspires us to continuously develop design. This allows us to not only meet your needs, but to go one step further by creating new trends. With a view to people looking for modern solutions, we continue to enrich our offer by creating innovative products, such as our own Linea series.


The wood from which we create our products is the work of mother nature. Continuing this process, we transform raw beauty into subtle elegance. Every day we cross barriers in the pursuit of perfection and watch with satisfaction as our commitment and attention to detail produce excellent floors from the best quality wood.


With the diverse needs of our customers in mind, we have created a wide range of products, from Polish and exotic woods. We treat each order with due care, we allow our customers to choose their own individual floor finish, we provide convenient lead times, and we are able to carry out even the most sophisticated projects.


Nature opens the door to inspiration. We draw from the luscious green forests and sapphire Mazurian waters, because it is in Mazury where our company is based. Bearing in mind the importance of wood in nature, we approach it with respect. We care about its efficient use and adhere to strict EU standards. Our floors consist entirely of natural raw materials, and we use only varnishes and oils without solvents or harmful substances to protect them.


The quality of our products is our top priority. That's why we attach great importance to it at every stage of production - from the selection of raw materials, through the exceptional precision of workmanship to thorough inspection. We meticulously select partners, and leading manufacturers of oils and varnishes take care of the protection of our floors. In order to ensure free access to our products, we have an extensive sales network. We invest in the development of our staff, conduct training of salespeople - all in order to provide you with full professionalism.

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