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Wooden floors for both an urban apartment and a spacious Scandinavian-style home

08 of December '20

Feel the call of nature

Do you derive joy from contact with nature, but don't always have time to enjoy a spontaneous walk in nature? Do you miss harmony and tranquility? To take care of your mental comfort bring the spirit of wild nature into your home. To feel this unique atmosphere, often all you need is a properly designed interior.

The year 2020 has forced us to stay indoors for longer. We began to look more carefully at what surrounds us within our four walls. New needs were born - in addition to functionality, the apartment should reflect our personality. So we are replacing the place of repetitive furniture straight from a furniture chain store with personalized, custom-made ones. In flooring we rely on wood, preferably one that allows original interior design, and in style and color we return to nature.

Retro or vintage?

When designing a dream interior, we often start our work from the floor. It is the basis of the plan, then the color of the walls, furniture and the rest of the accessories are selected. Therefore, already at this stage it is worth investing in a solution that will create a cozy atmosphere in the apartment, but also reflect the character of its occupants, respond to their lifestyle.

Retro Collection, FertigDeska
Dąb Chocolate © JAWOR-PARKIET

Retro Collection, FertigDeska Oak Chocolate


A super-smooth, almost velvety surface or a very distinctive texture with intense saw marks and pronounced brushing? Delicate milky decors and expressive deep browns. The Retro Collection from Jawor-Parquet was created from long-aged oak. Everyone will find something for themselves here. Four lines using what is most beautiful in wood allow you to create interiors both in country style with the use of hand-styled boards, as well as modern and minimalist, when harmony is found in urban design.

New vintage is a style that is based on contrast. It draws from the past, while looking towards the present. It plays with diversity. Oak floors from the Vintage Series line are full of such surprising combinations. Just in time for lovers of the avant-garde.

This floor, perhaps a little against the previous rules, will find its use on the wall, headboard or cabinet fronts. All thanks to the original mix of colors and textures. The surface is decorated with three different types of finishing - from brushing through original surface hewing to delicate saw marks. Light cracks and cavities in the raw material, as well as a varied color scheme maintained in a similar range of colors, add to its character.

Interior carved to measure

Each of us likes to feel special. To surround ourselves with objects in accordance with our taste and needs. To feel a connection with our surroundings, it is worth betting on personalizing interiors, choosing colors and textures that reflect our temperament.

Wooden floors, thanks to their variety of formats, colors and installation options, will find use in both an urban apartment and a spacious Scandinavian-style home. The Design Experience and Chevron collections from Jawor-Parquet were created for people who are looking for unusual solutions. They allow you to let your imagination run wild and realize even the craziest projects.

Design Experience Maxi Orzech
Amerykański © JAWOR-PARKIET

Design Experience Maxi American Walnut


Assembled in squares, cluster fir or ladder, the equal-length elements from the Design Experience collection unleash the creativity of interior decorators. With the possibility of a variety of assemblies and access to a wide range of colors, it is possible to respond to the needs of almost every client - a quiet traditionalist would probably choose classic fir in natural coloration, but an expressive amateur of art or exotic travel - would be more likely to bet on a bold, avant-garde solution.

Chevron collection, on the other hand, is something for lovers of glamour style and classic elegance. Intricately arranged elements in a French fir pattern allow you to find symmetry in the interior. However, a little imagination is enough to make this pattern also decorate the wall becoming an effective background for the bed or modern multimedia. In this collection, the individual staves have been cut on the shorter sides at a 45º angle, in the shape of an arrowhead, creating a pattern known in architecture for hundreds of years. Today, however, thanks to modern technology, the precision of the pattern and the available colors, it allows you to create interiors in a completely new dimension.

Home is us

Life consists of small elements that determine its charm. That is why details are so important. It is worthwhile to take care of contact with nature, do something good for yourself, surround yourself with beauty and high-quality natural materials. This allows you to find balance in life. Home is our oasis of peace and safe refuge, so it is here, above all, that we should feel at home.

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