KESSEL Sp. z o.o.

Kessel was founded in Lenting, Germany in 1963, with Bernhard Kessel as its founder. From the beginning, the production profile focused on plastic sewage system components. Today, the company has more than 500 employees and is a market leader in sewage disposal equipment: check valves, inlets, linear drains, separators, pumping stations and domestic sewage treatment plants.

Export activities on the Polish market began in 1994 in Lower Silesia. 10 years later, Kessel Sp. z o.o., based in Warsaw, was established. After 2 years, the company moved to Wroclaw, where it gradually strengthened its position. Since November 2012, the company's headquarters have been located in Biskupice Podgórne. This change was conditioned by the company's development plans, which included opening a training center and launching production.

As the KESSEL Group, we strive to achieve and maintain a leadership position in the field of drainage technology by creating innovative products of the highest quality. Our customers' requirements and needs for safety, innovation and service are the highest priority in all our activities. As a leading provider of drainage solutions, we consider it our primary duty to protect our customers' vital assets: their homes, property, health and the environment. When pursuing new ideas and projects, we always strive for "green solutions" with a focus on sustainability and environmental protection.

In addition to a wide range of products, we provide expert technical and design advice, assistance in the selection of equipment, periodic training and service throughout the country.

KESSEL offer

  • floor drains / bathroom drains
  • anti-flooding systems
  • sewage pumping stations
  • grease and oil separators

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