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The name Leca comes from the first letters of the term Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate, meaning "lightweight, swollen clay balls." The Leca® brand is the hallmark of high-quality expanded clay and the blocks and hollow blocks produced from it.


The Leca brand is a leading manufacturer of building materials based on expanded clay. They can be used to create all walls in a residential or public building. Keramzite concrete elements are also used to make ceiling blocks, lintel fittings, ventilation ducts and chimney housings. The lightweight ceramic aggregate retains moisture well. Therefore, it is also used in geotechnics, horticulture and agriculture. Expanded clay is used as a substrate for soilless cultivation, excellent drainage in potted flowers and even a component of biological filters used in ponds. Its attractive appearance means that it often serves as decorative grit.
Expanded clay for special tasks

Keramzite aggregate is produced in Poland. The factory is located in Gniewo, Pomeranian Voivodeship, where deposits of special, swelling clays and loams are located. After grinding, they are baked in rotary kilns at a temperature of about 1200ºC. Under the influence of heat, the clay significantly increases in volume. It forms oval lumps with a porous internal structure, covered with a ceramic layer. Depending on the application, a specific aggregate mixture is prepared. Keramzite works well in Polish climatic conditions. It is non-flammable, chemically inert. It shows excellent thermal and acoustic insulation parameters. It has a low bulk weight and high fire and frost resistance. The plastic is extremely resistant to mold, fungi and rodents. It is recommended for insulating floors on the ground and draining basement walls. With its help you can renovate old floors. Keramzite does not lose its properties over time, so it can be used repeatedly.
For the sake of the environment

Expanded clay does not lose its properties over time, so it can be used repeatedly. In its production the environment does not suffer in any way. The lightweight aggregate allows you to build an interior that is dry, warm and healthy, including for allergy sufferers. The product does not emit toxic substances. Even if it succumbs to flooding, moisture quickly disappears from it. The plastic is extremely resistant to mold, fungi and rodents. The nutrient-depleted balls do not provide a parasite-friendly environment. Thus, you can count on clean, healthy and airy walls in residential and public buildings.
Tips and finished projects

Leca is not only products, but also a lot of advice and ready-made projects that can be used at any stage of the investment. The company provides information on the properties of products, manufactured on the basis of expanded clay.

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