Leca® KERAMZYT - lightweight ceramic aggregate as a versatile insulation material

Leca® KERAMZYT - the ideal among insulation materials

Keramzite is fired clay
. The raw material for the production of expanded clay is a special high-molecular clay with swelling abilities, fired at 1150°C. This results in a lightweight ceramic aggregate in the form of balls with a hard sintered outer surface and a porous inner structure made up of many closed spaces filled with air.
It is the structure of the individual grains of expanded clay and the raw material from which it is formed that determines its properties and physical characteristics, and consequently its usable qualities.

Basic properties of Leca® KERAMZYT

  • Lightweight and durable at the same time
  • Insulates well thermally and acoustically
  • Fireproof
  • Frost resistant
  • Chemically inert
  • Chemically and biologically resistant
  • Hardly absorbent
  • Water-permeable

Versatility of applications of expanded clay

Leca® KERAMZYT, thanks to the combination of the aforementioned characteristics in a single material, allows great freedom in designing effective and long-lasting insulation. Keramzite can be used both indoors and outdoors. Also in conditions of aggressive environment, high temperatures, water and frost. There are practically no restrictions on the use of expanded clay in combination with other materials. There is no fear that it will be destroyed by rodents, covered with fungi or mold.

Izolacja termiczna i drenażThermal insulation and drainage


Combination of functions

In many solutions, the use of Leca® KERAMZYT provides more than one benefit, which is why we consider it not only versatile but also a unique insulating material.

Leca® KERAMZYT - examples of applications

  • Thermal insulation of the floor on the ground - a layer of expanded clay, in addition to its basic insulating function, is also a durable foundation for the floor, which, if necessary, can also be an element of drainage.
  • Thermal insulation of foundation walls - an additional benefit is the drainage function.
  • Thermal insulation of the ceiling - expanded clay will also serve to shape the slope.
  • Sound insulation of ceilings - at the same time, a deflected or uneven ceiling can be leveled.
  • Thermal insulation of exudative soils combined with drainage.
  • Thermal insulation of pipelines in the ground, in the frost zone.
  • Green roofs - the leading function of expanded clay here is retention and drainage and addition to horticultural substrate, this time the added value of using lightweight aggregate is to increase thermal insulation.
  • Relief or infill of the structure - depending on the type and purpose of the element, this can also be in addition to thermal and acoustic insulation.

Izolacja akustyczna stropu

Acoustic insulation of the ceiling


Easy work with Leca® KERAMZYT guarantees faster execution

Leca® KERAMZYT is a lightweight and loose material, so its application is not a problem. There is no need to cut or adjust it, it will adjust itself to the shape of the space or surface. The only thing to do with it is to compact it carefully. If necessary, a pneumatic pump can be used to feed the expanded clay, which can "blow" it over a distance of several tens of meters.

Ochrona rurociągu przed przemarzaniem

Protection of the pipeline from frost


Selection of aggregate

Leca® KERAMZYT is available in many fractions ranging from 0 to 20 mm, both in round form and with the addition of broken aggregate. The different fractions have different physical parameters and purpose. Depending on its intended use and thus its leading function, we can choose one of the fractions whose parameters will be optimally adapted to our needs.

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Technical parameters and solution details on the Leca® KERAMZYT website.