Healthy and energy-efficient home with natural thermal insulation STEICOflex 036

If we want to live healthily and energy-efficient let's take care of proper thermal insulation of the building. Choosing ecological STEICOflex 036 mats will reduce heating costs, ensure temperature comfort regardless of weather conditions and an optimal microclimate inside.

A house provides shelter and gives a sense of security, but the building in which we live should also promote our well-being. However, this will not happen if it does not have adequate thermal insulation. Its job is to provide thermal protection from adverse weather conditions. But this layer, hidden in the building envelope, not only reduces the energy consumption required for heating or air conditioning, but also affects the microclimate in the rooms.

When choosing a material for thermal insulation, it is best to be guided by the declared parameters of energy efficiency, because in this way we can realistically reduce heat loss through the external walls and roof. It is also worth noting the direct impact of the material on our health.

Dzięki porowatej strukturze i sprężystości maty STEICOflex 036 dokładnie przylegają do izolowanych powierzchni.

Due to its porous structure and elasticity, STEICOflex 036 mats adhere thoroughly to the insulated surfaces.


Energy efficient and comfortable

Optimal thermal insulation is extremely important, otherwise the building will be cumbersome to provide constant thermal comfort to the occupants and costly to maintain. Tight and warm partitions are one of the prerequisites for lower heating energy requirements. The less heat will penetrate through them to the outside, the less energy will be used to heat it. In inadequately insulated houses, we will have to compensate for these losses with intensive operation of radiators. Therefore, it is crucial to use a material with low thermal conductivity. The lower this parameter is, the better it will have thermal insulation properties. A very good thermal insulator is wood fibers. STEICOflex 036 mats made from them have the lowest thermal conductivity coefficient among all available natural thermal insulation materials - λD=0.036 [W/(m*K)]. This makes it possible not only to effectively protect the building from heat loss, but also to reduce the thickness of the required insulation layer.

Combined with the high specific heat and high volumetric density of wood fibers - 60 kg/m³, STEICOflex 036 mats are the optimal choice for thermal protection and maintaining a constant interior temperature at the right level.

STEICOflex 036 will also be appreciated in summer

An energy-efficient building is not only warm in winter, but also pleasantly cool during the hot days of summer, without incurring high costs. STEICOflex 036 mats guarantee temperature comfort regardless of weather conditions, because wood fibers are less likely to reach temperatures that are perceived by humans as uncomfortable. They also have a unique ability to accumulate heat, so the thermal insulation layer made of them absorbs heat and can inhibit the penetration of summer heat for many hours.

Zdrowy i energooszczędny dom z naturalną termoizolacją STEICOflex 036

A healthy and energy-efficient home with natural thermal insulation STEICOflex 036


Better well-being in your own home

We must remember that the home environment will be conducive to our well-being when inside there is not only optimal temperature, but also humidity. This is another benefit of using STEICOflex 036 mats.The natural wood fibers contained in them have hygroscopic properties, thanks to which they help to regulate the proper level of humidity in the interior. They partially absorb excess moisture from the air and release it again when the air becomes too dry. Optimal humidity levels benefit well-being, but also prevent the growth of mold spores and fungi, which are a common cause of allergies and respiratory infections.

Durable for years

The mats can be used for thermal insulation of new buildings, as well as when insulating older buildings that have not been properly insulated and do not meet the energy efficiency parameters required today. They are convenient, as they simply need to be pressed between the structural elements of the partition. Thanks to their porous structure and elasticity, they adhere precisely to the insulated surfaces. The high density of the material provides stability, thanks to which STEICOflex 036 retains its original shape, and the thermal insulation layer made of the mats does not settle and will perform its protective role for many years.

STEICOflex 036 mats are available in various thicknesses from 40 to 240 mm and a handy 1.22 x 575 mm format, so you can easily fill the entire insulated partitions.

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