Effective and easy-to-install insulation is the key to energy efficiency

Innovative insulation

Aluthermo® QUATTRO is a thin, state-of-the-art reflective insulation that is growing in popularity around the world. As it turns out, effective insulation "has to work," be simple to install and generate real savings in energy consumption. Aluthermo insulation with a thickness of just 1 cm, which replaces 20 cm of traditional insulation* in the air void on both sides, is a hit. With Aluthermo® technology, the quality and effectiveness of the material does not depend on its thickness, but on the type of components used and how they are combined.

Ocieplenie poddasza z oknem połaciowym izolacją Aluthermo® QUATTRO

Insulating an attic with a skylight window with Aluthermo® QUATTRO insulation


Extremely simple installation

Thanks to the unique design of the product, the investor gains a very fast and easy to install solution. The amount of time needed for proper insulation is reduced to a minimum, because Aluthermo® is a complete insulation system, offering a high level of installation comfort. There is no need for dust masks or protective suits during installation, as the material is odorless, non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Profesjonalnie wykonany montaż docieplenia poddasza izolacją Aluthermo ® QUATTRO w remontowanym pomieszczeniu biurowym

Professionally performed installation of attic insulation with Aluthermo ® QUATTRO insulation in a renovated office space


Effective attic insulation

Aluthermo ® QUATTRO insulation gives you the opportunity to effectively insulate roofs, attics, walls, floors or window lintels. A popular solution today is to insulate the attic from the inside, which effectively protects the building from uncontrolled loss of heat energy. The rooms heat up very quickly, retaining energy for a long time. Thanks to the flexible structure of the material, Aluthermo® adapts to irregular shapes, which makes it possible to eliminate virtually all potential thermal bridges, for example, at skylight windows.

Realizacja izolacji poddasza w 130 m2 domu rodzinnym z zastosowaniem Aluthermo® QUATTRO

Implementation of attic insulation in a 130 m2 family house using Aluthermo® QUATTRO


Significant savings in insulation space is another key issue, giving advantages over traditional, usually thick insulation materials. Using Aluthermo®, the investor will preserve the maximum height of the insulated space.

Nowoczesne wykończenie budynku biurowego przy użyciu Aluthermo® QUATTRO

Modern finishing of an office building using Aluthermo® QUATTRO


Lower heating bills

An improperly insulated attic is the most common cause of high bills. In the winter, heat from the building seeps outside, and in the summer it seeps into the room. Investors are increasingly looking for quick and effective solutions that will save energy consumption by increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. Therefore, it is worth betting on high-quality and proven insulation that does not age over time and maintains high insulation performance for years.
* Aluthermo® QUATTRO (1 cm thick) between two air voids, achieves a thermal resistance of R=5.70 m2 K/W, which occurs with 20 cm of traditional insulation with a λ of 0.036 W/m K.

Aluthermo®QUATTRO - pierwszy, cienki, wieloodbiciowy materiał izolacyjny w całości zgrzany termicznie. Składa się łącznie z siedmiu różnych warstw o grubości zaledwie 1 cm

Aluthermo®QUATTRO - the first thin, multi-reflective insulation material to be fully thermally welded. It consists of a total of seven different layers with a thickness of just 1 cm


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