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High reflectance: thanks to the high quality of pure aluminum, Aluthermo® reflects 95% of heat radiation. It is also protected against oxidation.

Impermeable to air: Aluthermo® is a very thin, flexible insulation material in roll form. It can be quickly and easily rolled out over or under a roof, wall or floor, creating a kind of barrier that prevents energy loss due to drafts.

Vapor and waterproof: Aluthermo® insulation is completely resistant to water vapor penetration.

Durability: thanks to the components used, our insulations do not age and are resistant to atmospheric phenomena such as precipitation, high or low temperatures or UV radiation. Throughout the life of the building, they maintain a consistently high insulation performance.

Non-toxicity: due to the non-toxicity of the materials used in the construction of Aluthermo®, our insulation is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Rodent resistance:due to the structure of the material, Aluthermo® insulation is outside the circle of interest of rodents (such as martens and mice).

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