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Aluthermo - a revolution in energy efficiency

09 of December '23

Insulating buildings with Aluthermo® QUATTRO reflective insulation: a revolution in energy efficiency

An innovative approach to thermal insulation

Today, as energy costs continue to rise, the search for effective ways to save heat loss in buildings is becoming a priority. One of the most cutting-edge solutions on the insulation market is Aluthermo® QUATTRO, a material that not only meets, but exceeds expectations for thermal efficiency. In the following article, we will discuss three key features of this product that make it extremely attractive in the Polish insulation market.

Izolacja okna połaciowego w Nadarzynie materiałem Aluthermo® QUATTRO

Insulation of a skylight window in Nadarzyn with Aluthermo® QUATTRO material


1. maximum winter insulation with just 1 centimeter of Insulation

Traditional insulation materials often require thick layers to achieve adequate insulation. Aluthermo® QUATTRO departs from this rule, offering maximum insulation with just 1 centimeter of thickness. Thanks to an innovative combination of several layers of pure aluminum, a layer of dry air bubbles and a layer of polyethylene, the product effectively reflects thermal radiation, keeping heat inside the building. This solution is ideal especially in winter conditions, where minimal insulation thickness translates into significant energy savings.

Izolacja poddasza w Nadarzynie materiałem Aluthermo® QUATTRO

Attic insulation in Nadarzyn with Aluthermo® QUATTRO material.


2 Trouble-free installation regardless of the building structure

Aluthermo® QUATTRO is also distinguished by its extremely simple and universal installation. Regardless of the building structure, this insulation material is easy to apply. Thanks to Aluthermo® QUATTRO's flexibility and lightness, it can be easily adapted to different surfaces, reducing installation time and minimizing labor costs. The aforementioned flexibility is a key asset, especially when retrofitting existing buildings, where adaptation to different structural conditions is essential.

3 Maintain high thermal efficiency in all conditions

The product not only guarantees maximum insulation in winter, but also maintains high thermal efficiency in various weather conditions. Thanks to its resistance to moisture and varying temperatures, Aluthermo® QUATTRO retains its insulating properties without aging. This is important, especially in Polish climatic conditions, where variable weather conditions are the norm. By investing in Aluthermo® QUATTRO, we choose a durable and effective solution for many years.

Izolacja poddasza w Gdyni materiałem Aluthermo® QUATTRO

Attic insulation in Gdynia with Aluthermo® QUATTRO material.



Aluthermo® QUATTRO represents a breakthrough in thermal insulation. Maximum insulation with minimum thickness, hassle-free installation and maintenance of high thermal efficiency are features that make this product ideally suited to the needs of the insulation market in Poland. Investment in Aluthermo® QUATTRO is not only energy saving, but also concern for thermal comfort and sustainability of our buildings.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdA portal.

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