Reputation supported by experience and professionalism of executed works - these are some of the many features that distinguish us in the industry of manufacturers of prefabricated roof trusses.

A company with many years of experience
KWIATKOWSKI I WSPÓLNICY SPÓŁKA KOMANDYTOWA continues the activities of PPUH MISTRAL, which has been on the market since 1996. Our specialty is prefabricated roof structures used in residential, commercial and utility construction, as well as inspection and repair of roofing.

Comprehensive and timely
We have been active in the prefabricated market for many years, providing, among other things, the best trusses for construction sites. We offer customers a comprehensive service at every stage of the work in progress, from design to service. We attach great importance to timeliness. We have the necessary authorizations, thanks to which for more than twelve years, in facilities belonging to the leading commercial chains in Poland, we perform inspections of wooden roofing bases, strengthening of rafter framing and roof repairs.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we are able to solve the most difficult engineering issues. We are able to perform the work of repairing or strengthening the roofing structure without taking the facility out of service.

We offer not only prefabricated structures, but also wood standard carpentry - solid roof trusses. MISTRAL KWIATKOWSKI I WSPÓLNICY SPÓŁKA KOMANDYTOWA also deals with impregnation of the building material and cutting to size. We encourage contact and cooperation for investors looking for a company that will professionally review the object or prepare materials.

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