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MISTRAL roof trusses - proven quality and assurance of durable roof structure

09 of December '22

Custom made roof trusses
- the best quality at a balanced price

The most important product offered by MISTRAL are roof trusses. The truss is the basic element of the roof structure. A number of trusses constitute the roof truss. The task of the roof truss is to ensure that the loads generated from the weight of the structure, roofing, snow, wind are safely transferred to the wall structure.

Wiązary prefabrykowane - dach dwuspadowy

Prefabricated trusses - pitched roof


Prefabricated trusses MISTRAL

One type of roof trusses is prefabricated trusses. MISTRAL manufactures them using MITEK's barbed plate technology. The solution was developed in the mid-1950s in the United States. The technology came to our country in the early 1990s, with the opening of Poland to the West. Since then, we have seen an increase in the share of prefabricated trusses in the construction market. Prefabricated trusses are used to make a roof truss with guaranteed quality, engineered for a given snow zone, made only of certified materials.

Such a roof gives a sense of security, especially if the manufacturer, such as MISTRAL, is CE-certified for the roof trusses it produces. An investor who chooses a certified manufacturer is guaranteed that the production process of its trusses is monitored from the moment the project is sent to production until the finished product leaves the factory in the form of a complete roof truss.

Wiązary prefabrykowane zamontawane na budynku wielorodzinnym Wiązary prefabrykowane - obiekt handlowy - przestrzeń strychowa z pomostem roboczym

Prefabricated trusses installed on a multifamily building and a commercial building - attic space with working platform


Ties on individual order
- MISTRAL manufacturing process

The production process itself can be divided into several stages. First, the customer sends a design for a quote. MISTRAL constructors develop a preliminary design of the roof truss and send a cost estimate to the client. After its approval, a contract is signed. Well in advance, a production project is prepared, which is directed to two departments. To the cutting and folding department. In the cutting department, using digitally controlled saws, truss components are cut and assembled into individual trusses. Then the package prepared in this way goes to the impregnation bath. After impregnation, the elements go to the assembly department. There, on one of the most modern truss presses in Poland, additionally equipped with the only magnetic system in the world, which was developed by MISTRAL, the elements are assembled into individual trusses. Automation of the production process ensures the highest possible quality of the final product. The trusses are then completed, loaded onto transport platforms and shipped to the customer. Together with the roof, our assembly team also arrives at the construction site.

Prefabricated trusses are installed in a very short time.
Installation usually takes one day.

Automatyczna prasa do wiązarów

Automatic truss press


Best quality at a reasonable price

Building a house is an expensive process. However, it is worth it that the milestones, which include the roof trusses, are provided by specialists. Such an approach by the investor guarantees that the newly built house will safely serve its owners for many years.

Our mission is to provide the best products at competitive prices. We believe that we provide a product of the highest possible quality on the market, at a price acceptable to investors. We invite you to cooperate with us.

- write MISTRAL experts

Wiązary prefabrykowane o dużej rozpiętości - widok z poziomu podestu roboczego

Long span prefabricated trusses - view from the working platform level


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