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Student competition named after Halina Skibniewskaya - HEALTHY HOUSE settled!

15 of February '22

We have settled the first edition of the Halina Skibniewskaya student competition - HEALTHY HOUSE, concerning sustainable residential architecture that is user- and environment-friendly. Of the twenty-six projects submitted, the competition jury decided to award two works instead of one, granting the Main Prizes (in the amount of PLN 2,000) in each of two categories: Single-family house and Multi-family house. Two honorable mentions were also awarded. The Main Prize in the Single-Family House category went to Joanna Lipnicka and Eryk Szczepanski, and the honorable mention went to Weronika Kuzma. In the Multifamily House category, the winner was Alicja Glowacka, and the honor able mention went to Michal Ciebień. The public vote also ended on February 13, with the Grand Prix and two awards in each category.

Healthy Home

The goal of the HEALTHY HOUSE competition organized by Architecture & Business magazine was to promote healthy, sustainable residential architecture that is user- and environment-friendly. We were looking for the best single-family or multi-family home design, functionally thought out and designed with the needs of the residents in mind. One that is in harmony with nature and laid out in such a way as to offset energy losses and facilitate the ventilation of rooms; a design that incorporates wise, ecological solutions.

The submitted competition entries were evaluated by a jury consisting of Bartosz Haduch (NArchitekTURA), Kacper Kępiński (NIAiU, A&B editor), Małgorzata Kuciewicz (CENTRALA), Ola Kloc (A&B editor). The function of secretary of the competition was performed by Dobrawa Bies (editor of A&B)


Main Prize - House in Gluszyn

The main prize of PLN 2,000 in the Single-Family House category went to the design of the House in Głuszyn by Joanna Lipnicka and Erik Szczepanski of the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of Arts in Poznan. The concept was created in the Sustainable Architecture Studio led by Dr. Tomasz Piwiński.

Dom w Głuszynie

Main Prize in the Single-Family House category; House in Gluszyn.

© Joanna Lipnicka, Eryk Szczepanski

The house was designed in Głuszyna - a small village in Greater Poland near Poznań with a characteristic, still visible layout of an old oval. The concept is an attempt to create a contemporary Wielkopolska country house that simultaneously meets the principles of sustainable construction.

Dom w Głuszynie,

Main Prize in the Single-Family House category; axonometry of the house in Gluszyn.

© Joanna Lipnicka, Eryk Szczepanski

The work was awarded for its thoughtful simplicity, small gestures and actions that create a pleasant, healthy architecture, with technical solutions in line with current trends. The jury noted the interesting thinking of recording weather conditions through architecture - finishing materials, will gradually patina and blend the building into the surroundings. Additional points were awarded for fitting into the site, correct structure and successful aesthetic expression.

Honorable mention - Adaptation of a mill to house an adoptive family in the village of Kula-Mill.

An honorable mention was given to the project Permanent Home. Permanent Family. Adaptation of a mill to house an adoptive family in the village of Kula-Młyn by Weronika Kuzma from the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. The award-winning project, prepared under the direction of Prof. Beata Szymańska and Dr. Pawel Czarzasty is an attempt to revive an old mill located in the village of Kula-Młyn, by transforming it into a home for an adoptive family. The author tries to prove that architecture can have therapeutic properties and influence human relations. The project is a combination of the current state, historical and new touches.

Wyróżnienie dla Weroniki Kuźmy

Honorable mention in the Single-Family House category;
Adaptation of a mill to house an adoptive family in the village of Kula-Mill

© Weronika Kuzma

According to the jury, the work adapted the existing structure in the best way, pointing to the values included in the competition's objectives. The project was recognized for its successful adaptation of the mill and a very good response to the issue of "single-family home", understood as caring for human relations. However, the jury's doubts were raised by the too large open spaces and the vision of heating them.


Main Prize - Family cooperative building

The main award of PLN 2,000 in the Multifamily House category, resulting from the highest score, went to Alicja Glowacka from the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology for the project Potential of Sharing - Family Cooperative Building, prepared under the direction of Pawel Grodzicki.

Budynek kooperatywy w Warszawie, nagroda główna Dom wielorodzinny na
Starym Mokotowie

Main Award in the category Multi-family house; Family cooperative building

© Alicja Glowacka

The starting point of Alicja Glowacka's project was the analysis of the housing situation in contemporary Poland and the growing social and environmental awareness questioning the current housing policy. The author proposed the creation of a wooden block-house intended for a neighborhood housing cooperative, which could be built in Warsaw's Old Mokotow district.

Przestrzenie wspólne w budynku na Starym Mokotowie

Main Prize in the category Multi-family house; neighborhood common space

© Alicja Glowacka

The award was given for an attractive architectural solution for a complex residential structure, which includes, among other things, the different needs of the residents, varying room sizes and adaptability of the space - all without unnecessary architectural fireworks. The jury believes that this type of architecture - modest, aesthetically pleasing and economical seems to be the best answer to the housing problem. The shell-townhouse, made of HBE prefabricated elements, is also a good direction indicating that cities should build by complementing the existing fabric. An additional value of the project is the concern for human relations and the creation of a neighborhood "tangential space."

Honorable mention - Green Valley

Honorable mention went to Michal Ciebień for the Green Valley project, created at the Silesian University of Technology under the direction of Dr. Andrzej Duda.

The project was awarded for its original vision of terraced housing, which was treated as an off-road form - a basin. A distinctive feature of the concept is the attempt to couple the development with a green belt and the treatment of the watercourse as the "spine" of the neighborhood space. The separate, intimate space of the title "green valley" can be a place of integration and common activities of the residents of this complex - both people and animals.

Wyróżnienie dla
projektu Green Valley

Honorable mention in the Multifamily House category; Green Valley

© Michal Ciebień

The honorable mention was awarded for taking up an interesting challenge, searching for a landscape form for the negative phenomenon of "doe housing" of Polish suburbs. The jury noted a certain naiveté of the project evident in the monotony of the garage elevation (the description of the work said it was supposed to be a residential street with workshops), the modest cross-section of the soil layers, or the assumption that the lack of railings and plant barriers at the edges of the buildings would not cause problems. However, it was emphasized that this was the only work in the competition looking for a new typology - shaping terraced housing inscribed in the terrain.

Audience Awards

In January of this year, we gave A&B readers a vote by announcing the Audience Award. Internet users could vote for a month for their favorite project in two competition categories. You can see the results and all the entries here.

Dom wielopokoleniowy w Piekarach

Grand Prix of the audience vote; Multigenerational house in Piekary

© Katarzyna Jamiol, Tomasz Jaróg, Karolina Michalec

The largest number of votes (1,329) and thus the Grand Prix of the audience vote was awarded to the project competing in the Single Family House category - Multigenerational House in Piekary by Katarzyna Jamiol, Tomasz Jaróg and Karolina Michalec from the Faculty of Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology. The awarded concept is a design of a house for a three-generation family combined with a winter garden and educational gardens.

Nagroda Publiczności w kategorii Dom jednorodzinny

The Audience Award in the single-family house category;
A place of rest - a world off the grid

© Kinga Krzywicka

Thus, the second runner-up work in the Single Family House category titled A Place of Leisure - A World Off the Grid by Kinga K rzywicka from the Faculty of Architecture at Bialystok University of Technology, which received 1286 votes, receives the Audience Award in this category. The awarded work was made under the direction of Tatiana Misjuk, PhD.

Nagroda Publiczności w kategorii Dom wielorodzinny

Audience Award in the Multifamily House category;

© Nikola Czech, Katarzyna Smagacz

Theprize in the Multifamily House category, receiving 703 votes, was won by the work RAILROAD TO THE BETTER LIVING. Tiny house as a bridge over train tracks by Nikola Czech and Katarzyna Smagacz from the Faculty of Architecture, Wroclaw University of Technology. The winning project was made under the direction of Dr. Eng. arch. Anna Bać.


Congratulations to the finalists of the HEALTHY HOUSE competition. All twenty-six competition projects, along with full author descriptions, can be viewed on the Architecture and Business portal, at this link. The winners of the competition, in addition to the main cash prizes, will receive commemorative diplomas from us and a subscription to A&B monthly magazine.

Dobrawa Bies

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