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Revitalization of a tenement house in Kraków's Zwierzyniec district

20 of April '20

Krakow's Zwierzyniec is one of the city's more pleasant neighborhoods. On the one hand, it is close to the center, on the other hand, it includes already green areas. No wonder, then, that it is a highly desirable location, also by developers. The district boasts several prestigious developments with breathtaking views. The EkoPark company has an idea for another one.

Residents of Zwierzyniec do not share the investor's enthusiasm for revitalizing the historic townhouses at 60 and 62 Kosciuszko St. EkoPark wants to merge the two buildings into one apartment building. The investment's neighbors fear that only fragments of the facade will remain. Both belong to the register of historical monuments, and both still remember the times when Zwierzyniec was a suburban municipality, not a district. At number 62 was the House of Divine Providence - to this day, walking down the street - you can still see the eye looking out from above the entrance.

Redevelopment? Revitalization?

According to the developer's plan, the new building is to consist of 35 apartments, including a penthouse with an approx. 100-meterterrace. The inspiration comes from the Bauhaus and the neighborhood's 19th-century buildings. Residents are concerned about this stylistic mélange and that only minor elements will remain of the historic facade.

According to the documents, EcoPark received a building permit in 2019, however, the plaque shows a date of 2012 (work had not started then). This was before the adoption of the "Vistula Boulevards" zoning plan , according to which the building cannot exceed a height of 19 meters on the Kosciuszko Street side and 13 meters on the Vistula side. According to the plans on the investor's website, the investment will be higher than the designated height in the part facing the river.

The apartment building will be completed in 2022.

elaborated. ed. based on press materials

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