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Supermunicipal plebiscite: Kraków, Warsaw, Wrocław, Poznań and Łódź!

20 of April '20

It is not only new developments that contribute to the urban fabric. In addition to developers and investors, it is also created by people of art, music, activists and social activists.

On the occasion of the 30th birthday of the "reborn" local governments, Gazeta Wyborcza is organizing a Supermiasto plebiscite. You can vote in it for investments and events in cities across Poland. Today we present Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan and Lodz. Everyone interested is invited to vote, which lasts until April 30, the results will be announced on May 8. This is an opportunity to appreciate the development of cities over the past 30 years and see how much local governments have achieved.


Residents of Krakow (and not only) have complained about very poor air quality. One of the successes of the former capital is the introduction of a ban on burning solid fuels. The vote also appreciates the general development of infrastructure - bicycle paths, construction of bridges, footbridges, development of public transportation. Important in recent years is the movement of activists, local activists, largely focused on ecology. Krakow is investing in the renovation of old buildings, development of tourism and culture. Krakow - Supermunicipal plebiscite


One of Warsaw's major successes is breathing new life into the Vistula beaches. Among other things, this action has contributed to the flourishing of cultural life. You can also cast your vote for the Copernicus Science Center, the Warsaw Uprising Museum, the construction of the subway (we wrote about the opening of three new stations here), as well as the National Stadium and Euro 2012. Warsaw - Supermiasta plebiscite


Wroclaw is inhabited by a record number of people in Poland who are proud of their city. This alone already says a lot about it. In the plebiscite you can vote for the construction of the Afrykanarium, the successes of the Polish Theater, the winning of the Nobel Prize by a native Wroclawian, or the creation of the Market Square as a real urban pearl. Wroclaw - Supermiasta plebiscite


Poznań can boast the organization of the Malta Festival drawing people from all over the world to the city. One of the most important investments is probably the Old Brewery and the Municipal Stadium. One of the most important streets - St. Martin - has been rebuilt. In addition, Poznan can be sincerely proud of the civic movements that contribute to making changes in the urban fabric. Poznan - Supermunicipal plebiscite


It was here that Poland's first woonerf was created. Piotrkowska Street underwent a major renovation, and the now iconic OFF Piotrkowska was created. Also noteworthy are festivals such as the Light Move Festival and the creation of a science and technology center and planetarium in the former building of the thermal power station. Łódź - Supermiasta plebiscite

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