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Ribbon - an award-winning collection of cabinets and bookcases

22 of April '20

Designed by Joanna Leciejeska, the cabinets and bookcases, whose walls and bases are reminiscent of a ribbon running in different directions, intertwining with itself. Thanks to this, they will not only accommodate all the necessary things - books and trinkets, but will also be an original addition that will complement any space. Without exception.

Subtle. Light. Almost floating in the air. The individual pieces look as if they wrap around each other and connect in the pattern of an intertwining ribbon. The Ribbon collection from the VOX brand, designed by Joanna Leciejewska, received the must have title and the Good Design Award in 2019, and the Top Design Award in 2020.

Cabinets different than before

Designers at VOX say it proudly: Ribbon furniture is proof that cabinets or bookcases can be designed differently than before - avoiding patterns and looking for new solutions. Also on the market, Ribbon is a unique proposition - it impresses with its perfect workmanship and how well it works in a variety of arrangements.

I am very happy that we were able to realize this project. It is a distinctive concept in VOX's offer, which shows our constant search for fresh solutions. We also prove once again that we listen to the voice of our customers and respond to their needs ," says Joanna Leciejewska, VOX designer and author of the collection. - Ribbon is our little revolution, as we used innovative technological solutions during its creation. It's also a series that we created with the idea that it would "wrap" a ribbon around other collections. It can be paired without hesitation with almost any other furniture in the VOX range. They will match each other while maintaining their nature. Yes, I am very proud of this design ," she admits.

Modern bookcases

The Ribbon collection consists of five elements that together will create a refined composition for a living room or other interior. The set includes both a tall bookcase and its lower version, as well as a shelf to be hung on the wall - all of them are ideal, for example, for displaying books or travel souvenirs or ornaments we collect. The set is complemented by a cabinet for RTV equipment and coffee tables. Each piece consists of intertwining and interconnected modules of different sizes and colors.

The body of the furniture is light and delicate, but with an expressive form. Elements of the series work equally well in their company as a whole, as well as alone, when we choose only individual pieces. If we do not want to buy everything, it is worth being tempted to buy a selected piece. It will look great in the home, as an artistic and functional accent.

Kolekcja Ribbon Joanny

Joanna Leciejewska's Ribbon collection


The Ribbon series is available in graphite, gray and oak decor finishes - individual pieces of furniture combine these colors in different proportions. The bookcases are raised on slender black metal legs, which further emphasize the lightness of the design. The geometric shapes of the furniture in the collection will give the interior a new, more open character. They prove that beauty and elegance lie in simplicity. That's why it's the perfect choice for anyone who wants to refresh the look of their apartment.

Delicate, but durable

The visually delicate design was achieved, among other things, thanks to the openwork form - the furniture is devoid of a back wall. Such a solution lets a lot of light into the bookcases or cabinets. However, the technology used in production guarantees that, despite the light form, all cabinets, bookcases or tables are very durable. The result of the work of the entire team of VOX designers and technologists is a visual masterpiece. The original concept of the furniture is emphasized by refined details. Although each element of the series consists of several parts, the joints of the modules are invisible.

The edges and joints of the modules seem to flow smoothly into the plane of the walls, they are rounded. The technology we used allowed us to create furniture without visible connections, with a more uniform form, " says Joanna Leciejewska.

Assembly is very simple - after purchasing almost all the furniture from the Ribbon collection, we receive a small, easy-to-transport package, in which the individual modules are packed one into another. All you have to do is slide them into each other, attach the legs and you're done. Even the largest piece of furniture in the collection - a standing bookcase more than 160 cm high - is created from this. Later you just need to remember to attach it to the wall.

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