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Oskar Grąbczewski on the work of an architect #the architect's profession

22 of April '20

The April issue of A&B is devoted to the conditions for practicing the architectural profession. On our portal, as part of the series entitled "Zawód architekt" we continue the conversation started on the pages of moodboard - we ask what it means today to be an architect and what are the conditions of practicing this profession, and we illustrate the statements with unrealised office projects. Read what Oskar Grąbczewski of OVO Grąbczewscy Architekci studio thinks on the subject.


Oskar Grąbczewski

Photo: Natalia Pośnik © OVO Grąbczewscy Architekci

1 What does it mean to be an architect today?

An architect should harmoniously combine the qualities of an artist, humanist, social scientist, ecologist, engineer and scientist. This is, of course, very difficult - they are often mutually exclusive, so we have to choose. In my opinion, it is always worth fighting as hard as possible to preserve at least a little artistry, social and ecological sensitivity. The so-called hard skills will always be taken care of by designers, installers, contractors, economics will be taken care of by the investor. If we let go of the artistic element, social context or preservation of natural values, they simply won't be in our building and no one will care.

2 What are the conditions for practicing the architectural profession?

As for the availability of literature, tools, examples from around the world - excellent. The knowledge and responsibility of architects is also increasing. The awareness of investors and consumers of architecture - built by numerous portals, programs, films and publications - is also much higher. The comfort of work is also getting better. But there are also negative trends. The amount of bureaucracy and paperwork for construction and implementation projects is growing at an alarming rate. In the "design and build" system, the architect is reduced to the role of a subcontractor, which very effectively limits his creativity. The worst danger is the loss of faith that architecture is important, that it can change the world for the better, that architects are needed, that they cannot be replaced by computer programs. This is something we must never give up on.


OVO Grąbczewscy Architekci

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