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Ruciane Park. Wooden cottages on a Masurian lake designed by Archas Design.

28 of April '21

In the Mazurian Lake District, on a picturesque, forest-surrounded escarpment leading to the shore of Lake Guzianka Wielka, the "Skarpa" resort used to operate. Over the years the condition of the small wooden bungalows scattered around the area deteriorated so much that it was decided to replace them with new ones. The design of the fifty-four structures under construction is the responsibility of the studio Archas Design from Bielsko-Biala.

The domki of the resort Skarpadomki of the resort Skarpadomki of the resort Skarpa

The dilapidated houses of the recreation center "Skarpa"

© Archas Design

Architects from Archas Design faced the task of creating a concept for a complex of cottages and arranging a new usable space. The vast and uneven project area required the designers to use modern technologies such as 3D scanner, drone photography and BIM methodology.

Due to the location of the buildings in a charming, but densely wooded and undulating area, all measurements were difficult, hence the need to use the latest tools, says Maciej Zuber, an architect from Archas Design studio.

widok bird`s-eye viewwidok bird`s-eye viewwidok bird`s-eye view

bird's eye view of the establishment

© Archas Design

The buildings were planned on three shorelines - the first closest to the lake, and the next two deep in the forest. The small blocks were founded on concrete supports, which allowed them to blend into the irregular shape of the area. The simple cottages, covered by a double-pitched roof, were designed in a lightweight, prefabricated structure with wooden elevations that relate to the surroundings.

wizualizacja cottageswizualizacja cottageswizualizacja cottages

visualization of the cottages

© Archas Design

The buildings open up to the landscape through large balcony windows on the side of the terraces and tall, rectangular glazing in the other parts. The facades, finished with dark boards, seem to penetrate the forest scenery, while the interiors, clad in light wood, create a cozy atmosphere. Each bungalow is equipped with the aforementioned terrace, a living room with a kitchenette, a double bedroom, a bathroom and a mezzanine where two more beds have been placed.

The duże balcony windows provide picturesque viewsduże balcony windows provide picturesque viewsduże balcony windows provide picturesque views

large balcony windows provide picturesque views

© Archas Design

The resort is intended to serve more than just the summer vacation season. The owners of the facility are also targeting people who want to work remotely and at the same time be able to enjoy the beauty of the Masurian landscape:

We are responding to the growing demand of people who have swapped office work for home office and can perform their professional duties from anywhere. In our center, remote workers will receive dream conditions for this. In close proximity to nature, amidst greenery and silence, and at the same time with access to high-speed Internet connection and online chat rooms," announces Dorian Krzystanek, co-owner of Warsaw-based Go4Sport, the investor of the complex.

elaborated: Ola Kloc

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